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May 2019

This article was last updated on: November 13th of 2019

Era Discord Era
Period Political Drought Period
Dictator Joey Badra
Ongoing Events Summer 2019 Election, First r/Williamston Raid
Year 2019
Preceded By April of 2019
Succeeded By June of 2019


- SuS during the first test of the Willemstan Government Alert System, 05/29/19.


This month began with Eli Payton choosing his cat Annie Payton as his replacement for the upcoming election. Early this month, the Chonker Discord Bot, originally a dummy account for Eli's cat, recived extensive upgrades and was turned into something similar to the Jonathan Gere bot. System II, originally an incomplete backup for System I, was abandoned this month in favor of a new System III. The first Willemstan Government Alert test was completed as well, a system dedicated to sending out alerts through all servers with SuS. The Summer 2019 Election began on May 30th, and we also saw a cameo appearence from the Silly School for Cosmic Children (Google Classroom). Finally, the first raid on r/Williamston occured on May 22nd and was a success.


May 1st of 2019 - Annie Payton was appointed as the replacement candidate of the replacement candidate for Eli. Previosly, Eli had appointed David G. as his replacement, but has now settled on his cat.

May 9th of 2019 - The Jonathan Gere and Chonker Discord bots recived upgrades.

May 21st of 2019 - System II was abandoned in favor of System III.

May 22nd of 2019 - System III was founded.

May 22nd of 2019 - Willemstan raided r/Williamston, a very small and dead subbreddit about Williamston, Michigan, for the first time. Raiders included Eli P, Charlie N, and Ian H. A link to the Willemstan Discord Server was posted, as well as the "Freeman with a gun" image, and more. Furthermore, Malcolm H sent one of the moderators their address after he and Charlie dug it up. The raid also prompted someone to respond a couple days later, in a post titled "GET OFF OUR BOARD REEEEE". The post basically said the subbreddit wasn't meant for "you highschoolers" and told us to leave. Needless to say, we did not. A couple of the raid posts, as well as the response, were later deleted.

May 23rd of 2019 - The 57th post was made on the Silly School for Cosmic Children by Charlie as Silly Goose. It was a quick announcement of the Summer 2019 Election, set to begin in the following week.

May 24th of 2019 - All files from System II were copied over to System III. After that, System II was wiped clean.

May 29th of 2019 - The first Willemstan Government Alert test was completed.

May 30th of 2019 - Polls opened for the Summer 2019 Election, and thus the election began.