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May 2021

This article was last updated on: October 20th of 2021

Era Discord Era
Period Purge Period
Dictator Sean Kavanagh
Ongoing Events None
Year 2021
Preceded By April of 2021
Succeeded By June of 2021

"I will take another victim."

- Mr. Christopher Armour during interview day moments before his conversation with Ian Hampton, 05/20/21.

"I love how we've indoctrinated Andrew's younger brother into our ways. If we keep this up and indoctrinate enough incoming freshmen we might be able to save Willemstan after all."

- Ian Hampton talking about younger members of Willemstan, 05/26/21.


This was an interesting month for Willemstan. The IT Men made a return on May 5th and stole a laptop that belonged to the robotics team, presumably to be assimilated into the school network. Mr. Armour made a cameo appearance during Interview Day at Williamston High School, in which he interviewed Ian Hampton. A couple server events took place this month. The Willemstan Hnefatafl Tournament wrapped up, a Diplomacy game was played, and the Willemstan Minecraft Server was launched on May 25th. In other news, Charlie made two attempts to take down the original Willemstan Public Messages, which had been under nobody's control since Dawson's departure almost a year prior. Since he could not take control of the account and delete it, he attempted to take it down via Twitter's reporting feature. The first attempt, impersonating Mr. Weber and reporting the account for harassment, failed (what a surprise). The second attempt, reporting it anonymously, was still awaiting a response by the time the month was over. Finally, Ian interviewed Sean Kavanagh for the Willemstan Wiki, and the Summer 2021 Election was announced and set to begin on June 1st.


May 5th of 2021 - Charlie Nolan reveals that the IT Men entered the robotics room sometime during the last week of school, and kidnapped a laptop that belonged to the team in an act of blatant overreach. This laptop had password protection in the BIOS, which may have gotten their attention. It is presumed the IT Men were attempting to assimilate it into the school network, which is really annoying because that likely means all data on it will be erased, and once again, it didn't even belong to the school. This is the second time the IT Men have tampered with the personal property of the team, and while they had justification the first time, there is nothing incriminating on the laptop they have taken this time. All it has on it is robotics code. It is possible they entered the room and took the laptop because they are suspicious of us given our past activities. Some in Willemstan have dubbed this incident the "Second IT Man Raid".

May 11th of 2021 - The Willemstan Hnefatafl Tournament came to an end. Ian was declared the winner after the last match of the losers bracket stalled out.

May 12th of 2021 - Charlie Nolan restored the classic "Throwing onion into toilet" video without permission from the school. He changed the name and thumbnail to remain inconspicuous.

May 19th of 2021 - Willemstan Diplomacy Game #4 took place. There were four participants.

May 20th of 2021 - For Interview Day at Williamston High School, Ian was randomly assigned Mr. Armour in a 1/15 chance. They had a ~20 minute session, which Ian began by saying "Hey Mr. Armour, funny seeing you again. Hopefully under better circumstances than last time." to which he responded with "Yes, definitely better circumstances for me."

May 21st of 2021 - Charlie Nolan devised a new plan to take down the original Willemstan Twitter account. This involved impersonating Mr. Weber to try and get twitter staff to take down the account.

May 25th of 2021 - Twitter demanded that Charlie submit proof that he is indeed Mr. Weber. Obviously he can't do that, so Charlie made a new complaint with a different email address.

May 25th of 2021 - The Willemstan Minecraft Server launched. Hosted on a server in Charlie's house, it is low performance but gets the job done.

May 31st of 2021 - Ian Hampton interviewed Sean Kavanagh for the Willemstan Wiki.