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Mr. Weber - Preacher of Google Classroom

This article was last updated on December 14th 2022

Image at the top of the screen.

An image of Mr. Weber from the "Spanish II Project", circa June 1998.


Patrick Weber, also known as "Pat Weber" and "Bernard Patrick Weber V", is a Michigan teacher turned school principal. A longtime Michigan resident, Weber attended Immaculate Heart and St. Mary School for his primary education, and then graduated from Williamston High School in 1999. As for higher education, Mr. Weber graduated Defiance College in 2003 with a Bachelor's degree in Integrated Social Studies, in which he made the Dean's List. In 2006, Weber began employment as a teacher at Williamston Community Schools. Many members of Willemstan would have him as a teacher during the 2017-2018 school year.

After completing some credits at Marygrove College from 2008 - 2009, Weber attended Grand Valley State University from 2016 - 2018, and graduated with a Master's degree in Educational Leadership. This allowed him to seek administrative employment, and in 2019, he departed WCS and became the principal of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish School. In January 2022, Weber left Immaculate Heart and became the principal of Leslie Public Schools.

Videos Featuring Mr. Weber

During his time in Williamston High School, Patrick Weber created a school project for Spanish 2, featuring a prop named "Bono el Mono". Filming of the project took place from June 4th of 1998 - June 9th of 1998. This project was written to a VHS tape, and sat abandoned in Williamston High School until it was found by members of Willemstan in the 2019 Salvage Operation. Known mostly as the "Weber Project" by members of Willemstan, the old project quickly became one of the most memorable videos in Willemstan's history.

The VHS tape of Mr. Weber's Spanish II Project in question.

More recently, Mr. Weber occasionally posts videos of himself on his weebly website and private YouTube channel, for the students at Immaculate Heart. Here's a list of all known modern Weber videos:

Career at Williamston High School

Initially, Pat Weber was a Social Studies teacher at Williamston High School, teaching several AP courses as well as civics. Eventually, he moved to the middle school level, where he taught 8th grade social studies. Additionally, he was the Behavior Intervention Coach at Williamston Middle School from 2013 - 2017, which is essentially a bootleg Assistant Principal position. At some point, he began teaching 6th grade social studies alongside 8th grade social studies. In March 2019, he abruptly left WHS during the second semester of the 2018 - 2019 school year to become principal of Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Reception by Students of Williamston Middle School

When Mr. Weber returned from a several month long gap in early 2019, he changed his teaching style drastically. Weber began to use only Google Classroom to teach. Every day, he would say "Open Google Classroom!", and post a new assignment as a Google Document full of questions, which were just copy pasted from Quizlet. When the work was due, he would not look at the assignment, all students were given a one hundred percent regardless of completion. Additionally, he used Google Forms to assign tests, which was very easy to cheat off of, but many still failed because Google Forms requires your answer to be exactly what Mr. Weber has. Pat Weber also assigned a final 100 point project about a new technology developed in the civil war, worth 100 points. Every single person got a 100%. This new teaching style was very ineffective, as the students that year learned next to nothing from him, it was so bad in fact, that his class never completed the Civil War unit. Needless to say, his method of teaching generated a lot of controversy. The majority of students resented Mr. Weber's lazy behavior and his Google Forms tests, and called for the long term sub to be reinstated. However, many students also agreed that Mr. Weber's lazy behavior was to their immediate benefit, as everyone was guaranteed an A in the class if they pressed the "turn in" button on Google Classroom every day. The use of Google Classroom inspired the Silly School for Cosmic Children and his lazy teaching provided time to further the development of what would become Willemstan.

Career at Immaculate Heart and Departure from WCS

In the Fall of 2018, Mr. Weber took over the 6th Grade Social Studies position, which was left vacant by a retirement. While he held this position, another teacher in the middle school acted as an assistant and supervisor for his classes. Furthermore, the long term substitute took over the 8th Grade US History position, formerly held by Weber. In early 2019, Mr. Weber deserted his new position and became Principal of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, a nearby Roman Catholic school, which he actually attended in his elementary years. Funny how Mr. Weber has a habit of teaching at schools he went to himself.

Pat Weber's Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish staff photo, circa 2019.

In December 2021, Weber left his position at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish School.

Career at Leslie Public Schools

In January 2022, Weber became the principal of Leslie Middle School at Leslie Public Schools.

Pat Weber's Leslie Public Schools photo, circa 2022.


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