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Mrs. Baldwin - Preacher of Edmodo

This article was last updated on December 14th 2022

The Edmodo profile picture of Mrs. Baldwin.

The profile picture Mrs. Baldwin used for her Edmodo account.


Mrs. Georgianna Baldwin worked at Williamston High School from 2017 - 2019. Before Michigan, she previously lived in New Mexico and Japan. She attended college at CMU for business education. She defied the common and uncreative practice of using Google Classroom to teach, and instead used Edmodo, another online educational platform similar to Google Classroom. Since her departure from Williamston, Web Tech has not been offered, and her classroom now serves as an extra room for the Michigan Virtual people. She left WHS in 2019.

Career Before Williamston High School

Mrs. Baldwin worked at Albion Senior High School for 12 years, begining in the 1990s. She tought somewhere in Florida for about four years as well.

Career at Williamston High School

Mrs. Baldwin worked at Williamston High School for two years. She taught business related classes such as Web Technology and Personal Finance. However, she also supervised the Michigan Virtual classes. She used frequently used Edmodo and Microsoft software to teach. She was mostly known by Willemstan members for her Web Technology class.

Web Technology

It was here in Web Technology where the first Anti-Delp Propaganda was created. It was actually an assignment for the class, specifically covering the photoshop and adobe flash unit. The task was to merge two images in photoshop, in a sort of compound word like fashion. The piece received a 100% for a grade. It was created by Dawson Morgan, who would later become a citizen of Willemstan in 2020.

Delp Transformation.png

A COOL FOLDER and A REALLY COOL FOLDER were created in the Williamston High School Student Shared during this class by Ian Hampton and Dawson. They were essentially bootleg versions of System I, and contained Anti-Delp Propaganda, memes, the bee movie script in binary, and more. A REALLY COOL FOLDER was actually a successor to A COOL FOLDER, and as a result A COOL FOLDER was reduced to a mere skeleton with a shortcut inside. Notice how both folders begin with the letter "A", as it forces the folders to appear closer to the top of the Student Shared, due to the fact that it is organized in alphabetical order. That way more people could see the folders. Both of these folders were eventually deleted by the IT Men.

Career at Charlotte High School

Despite the fact that some teachers claimed she now works at Webberville High School, this is not actually the case. She began teaching business related classes at Charolette High School in August of 2019 and has remained to this day


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