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New Articles of Willemstan

This article was last updated on: November 30th of 2021

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The announcement of the new legislation on June 18th of 2020.


The New Articles of Willemstan is the current governing document for Willemstan. All previous legislation is void. This document was created during the Willemstan 1.2 Reforms by the Construction Crew, who scrapped the previous Willemstan Amendments. Instead of re-instating the Willemstan Commandments, those in power at the time felt that they could improve upon the old system. The Willemstan Commandments were somewhat outdated with pages of old legislation and goals, and so the crew wanted to make a new document that added improvements and removed the fluff. On June 18th of 2020, the New Articles of Willemstan were released to the public. Just like the Willemstan Commandments, the New Articles of Willemstan features a section for legislation, and separates general guidelines into separate categories. The name "New Articles of Willemstan" is loosely taken from the Articles of Confederation, intentionally in contrast to the Willemstan Amendments.