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Timeline of Willemstan

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This article contains a complete timeline of Willemstan, start to finish. The year 2017 is covered by the Prehistory of Willemstan article. The years 2018-2021 are covered by monthly articles. Each monthly article includes a navigation table, a summary, a list of all notable events, as well as all iconic images from that month. If you are new to Willemstan, we suggest checking out the "10 Important Events" section on the homepage before diving into the comprehensive timeline. The timeline will constantly be updated as time goes on, as old details are uncovered and new events occur. Click on one of the links below to view a part of the Willemstan timeline, and go from there. There will probably be monthly articles through the year 2022. Glory to Willemstan.







Future of Willemstan

While the future of Willemstan is always unpredictable, we can predict milestone events. Some of these are only a couple years away, while others are much farther. Beyond the year 2022, the future of Willemstan is highly uncertain. Many members of Willemstan have prophesied that Willemstan will come to an end in 2022 or shortly after, as the vast majority of Willemstan members will graduate that summer, and thus will likely lose interest. Others are reluctant to give up on Willemstan, and have called for expanding the citizen population of Willemstan with younger members, to allow it to continue should the original members move on.

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