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November 2018

This article was last updated on: November 20th of 2020

Era Discord Era
Period Foundation Period
Dictator Josue Mejia
Ongoing Events None
Year 2018
Preceded By October of 2018
Succeeded By December of 2018


Not much occured during November of 2018. As the migration to Discord continued, Eli Payton and Joey Badra took on the responsibility of managing the server, while the Dictator, Josue Mejia took a backseat. This was the first month entirely focused on the Willemstan Discord Server.


November 10th of 2018 - Eli announced that more people may be invited to the Discord server, but they have to be from Williamston Community Schools. Joey also added that the approval of over 50% of the existing members of Willemstan was nessisary to send an invite out as well.

November 14th of 2018 - A scribble.io server event was announced by Eli and set for November 15th, the next day.

November 15th of 2018 - A scribble.io server event was delayed to 5pm EST.