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November 2019

This article was last updated on: November 21st of 2020

Era Discord Era
Period Political Drought Period
Dictator Annie Payton
Ongoing Events The First IT Men Raid
Year 2019
Preceded By October of 2019
Succeeded By December of 2019

"I noticed that two of the windows computers were left on and activly mining cryptocurrencies. Are you aware of this activity?"

- Dr. Steven Delp in an e-mail to Mr. Cody Reeve, 11/03/19.


The main event this month was "WHS Episode V - The IT Man Strikes Back". Jokes aside, the IT Men dealt significant damage this month for the first time since they deleted System I back in April of 2019. On November 3rd of 2019, the IT Men stormed the robotics room on a search and destroy mission, as they had found the router used for a crypto mine set up by a couple members of the WHS Robotics Team. During the raid, the IT Men disabled several computers via unplugging their power and ethernet cables. Several ethernet ports were damaged, and a couple computers were displaced. The IT Men located and confiscated the router, and then notified the administration about the crypto mine, neglecting to mention the personal property damage they caused. (Granted, the team was actively disrupting the school's internet and may have even cost the school money). This resulted in Dr. Delp writing a rather amusing email to Cody, which you can see on the right. After "The First IT Men Raid", as it came to be called, Charlie Nolan brought the System IV computer home for repairs and upgrades. Several other computers had antennae installed to make up for a damaged ethernet port.


November 1st of 2019 - SuS notified everyone in #notifications that the monthly tradition for November had started.

November 3rd of 2019 - The First IT Men Raid on the robotics room took place. This resulted in several damaged computers, several displaced computers, and the dismantling of the First CryptoCurrency Mine.

November 4th of 2019 - After the raid, Charlie made an announcement.

November 7th of 2019 - Andrew M. attempted to form a Willemstani Airsoft Team.

November 9th of 2019 - On the following weekend, Charlie brought the System IV / SuS server back home for repairs. These repairs included the addition of an old iMac WiFi card, an antennae to make up for the broken ethernet connector, as well as some exterior modifications.