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November 2020

This article was last updated on: November 28th of 2020

Era Discord Era
Period Controversial Period
Dictator Eli Payton
Ongoing Events Arrival of the Willemstan Flags, Recreation of Williamston High School in Minecraft
Year 2020
Preceded By October of 2020
Succeeded By December of 2020

"Willemstan really weird because people hate each other, but like each other enough to where they can get along. One small little thing will start a huge fight."

- Devin Abood on the disfunctioning social group that is Willemstan, 11/11/20.


The Minecraft WHS Project began on the 3rd of this month, and made moderate progress. Additionally, the three Willemstan Flags ordered in the previous month finally arrived. They had yet to be deployed at Williamston High School. Server events took a hit this month because of the botched Willemstan Feud event, which took up two weeks time and was ultimately cancelled. The only weekly event this month was a second Minecraft Competition. However, on November 17th Joey Badra made it known that Garfield Kart was on sale. As such, 7 other members of Willemstan purchased it and played it as a group, making it a de-facto server event. The Willemstan Wiki recived a lot of updating and a few new articles. Discussion and final planning of the Winter 2020 Election was rampent throughout the month. The administration made some last minute revisions to the New Articles of Willemstan, and Ian Hampton announced that he would be taking Charlie Nolan's place as Willemstan Election Manager, as Charlie had been fired during the Willemstan Coup. Joey and Sean Kavanagh publicly announced their intention to run, and an interview regarding Dictator Eli Payton's thoughts on the election occured on Novemeber 20th and can be found in this article.


November 2nd of 2020 - The Willemstan Discord server icon was changed to a picture of James Doyen, an IT slave for WHS and a target of Anti-Delp Propaganda. This sever icon change marked the end of Spooktober.

November 3rd of 2020 - Ian H, with the help of Devin A, began the momentous task of building Williamston High School in Minecraft. Many references were used, including a drawing of WHS circa 2020, a drawing of WHS circa 1995, videos from the Williamston Community Schools YouTube channel, videos from the Silly Goose YouTube channel, and more. The building was not built to scale in order to keep the build realistic and save time.

November 3rd of 2020 - A shipment of 3 Willemstan flags arrived. These were professionally made 3 x 5 foot flags. The Willemstan flags were supposed to arrive on October 31st, in order to be used as a prank. Shipping delays had delayed their arrival until then. The flags were not funded by Willemstan Tax Collection.

November 7th of 2020 - Willemstan Public Messages 2 was created by Charlie from an old twitter account. This was a new twitter account meant to fullfil the same role as the original Willemstan Public Messages.

November 7th of 2020 - Another Willemstan Flag image was released.

November 8th of 2020 - Dictator Eli Payton and Admin V2s Ian, Joey, and Malcom met in a voice channel to finalize the Winter 2020 Election process.

November 7th of 2020 - Another Willemstan Flag image was released, this time on Charlie's wall as promised. The Willemstan Flag began making appearences on Charlie's webcam during school.

November 19th of 2020 - The 67th post to the Silly School for Cosmic Children was made by the Jashua Meshia account, and thus was probably uploaded by Charlie. Watching the video was worth 1000 points according to the assignment.

November 21st of 2020 - Ian released the complete details regarding the Willemstan Civil War and the planning behind it to the Willemstan Wiki. He revealed that by June 17th of 2020, Charlie and Sean had no interest in taking back the server through another coup, and that the conflict was intentionally drawn out in hopes of boosting server activity.

November 29th of 2020 - The Willemstan Feud Event was canceled due to a lack of participants.