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November 2021

This article was last updated on: December 29th 2021

Era Discord Era
Period Purge Period
Dictator Ian Hampton
Ongoing Events Competitive Milk Drinking
Year 2021
Preceded By October of 2021
Succeeded By December of 2021

"Our great nation continues to grow in numbers. We have about 45 people here from our school which is like 6% of the entire school lol."

- Ian Hampton on Willemstan's growing numbers, 11/10/21.


This was a rather uneventful month for Willemstan, aside from the Competitive Milk Drinking challenge which attracted school-wide attention from students and staff. Andrew Meyer continued to distribute mountain dew in Williamston High School, and finally branded it with Willemstan Industrial Union logos. Preparations for the Willemstan Winter 2021 Election also occurred, with a vote in early November deciding on voter restrictions.


November 1st of 2021 - Ian sent a scheduled message in #election, confirming that the Winter 2021 Election will be taking place.

November 8th of 2021 - At some point, Mr. Keith gave Hunter Stern 30 floppy disks while cleaning out his classroom. He cooperated with Charlie to get the floppy disks read. Only one of them contained information, an Excel sheet and Microsoft Word document. The Excel document contained a list of basic contact information for over 100 physicians, while the Word document contained a template form which contained the social security number for someone named Terry Usiak.

November 8th of 2021 - The November 2021 Vote occurred. 24 citizens voted, a new record for any kind of poll in Willemstan excluding the elections.

November 11th of 2021 - Andrew printed out Willemstan Industrial Union logos en-mass (which were made by Ian in the weeks prior), finally able to brand his mountain dew sales with Willemstan logos.

November 11th of 2021 - David Giovanni rejoined Willemstan.

November 16th of 2021 - During a robotics meeting after school, it is discovered that one of the Mike Freeman with a Gun Images used in Ok2Say Propaganda back in January 2020 was still in the robotics room.

November 17th of 2021 - Charlie Nolan set the record for Competitive Milk Drinking: 7 milks.

November 18th of 2021 - Jacob Keith set a new record for Competitive Milk Drinking: 8 milks.

November 19th of 2021 - Parker Foss set a new record for Competitive Milk Drinking: 9 milks.

November 22nd of 2021 - Thomas Meyer wrote Dr. Delp's phone number and "Glory to Willemstan!" on a dollar bill at a restaurant in South Carolina. While it was later taken down by parental units, the picture was uploaded to the restaurant's Google Maps page.

November 23rd of 2021 - Joey Badra set a new record for Competitive Milk Drinking: 10 milks.

November 26th of 2021 - Willemstan Crab Game Event #1 occurred. 8 people participated.