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November 2022

This article was last updated on: November 29th 2022

Era Discord Era
Period Post-Graduation Period
Dictator Izzy Beckhorn
Ongoing Events None
Year 2022
Preceded By October of 2022
Succeeded By December of 2022

"Today is the three year anniversary of the IT Men raid on the robotics room cryptomines. Glory to Willemstan!"

- Ian Hampton in #notifications, 11/10/2022.


Not much occured during this month. Preperations for the Winter 2022 Election were made, though this was already mostly completed, as Charlie Nolan had mostly set up the Willemstan.com-based ballot system earlier. This month marked the 3rd year since the First IT Man Raid on the Robotics Room.


November 1st of 2022 - After some discussion in government channels, Ian confirmed that the Winter 2022 Election would take place.

November 3rd of 2022 - The 3rd anniversary of the IT Men raid on the robotics room cryptomine was celebrated.

November 15th of 2022 - Charlie attempted to initiate a Willemstan Government Alert due to System IV being down thanks to internet issues. However, he was unable to because SuS still checked for the General role, which had been deleted during the government system rework earlier in the year.