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October 2018

This article was last updated on: November 20th of 2020

Era Google Classroom Era, Discord Era
Period Decline Period
Dictator Josue Mejia
Ongoing Events Move to Discord
Year 2018
Preceded By September of 2018
Succeeded By November of 2018

"Since Charlie is a booty, do we want to move to Discord instead of the classroom?"

- Eli Payton calling a vote to move away from the Silly School, 10/18/18.


Despite the surge in activity on the Silly School for Cosmic Children (Google Classroom) in the previous month, the writing was already on the wall. While many posts were made on the classroom, there were not many comments. Engagement was low, and honestly, that was a problem since the start. However, the final nail in the coffin for the Silly School was the official move to Discord. which took place on October 18th of 2018. This officially established the Willemstan Discord Server as the center of Willemstan, and left the classroom in the dust. While posts would continue to be made after the move, they were mainly for reminding people about election and joining the server. Eventually, post activity would go down to a trickle and cease entirely, making the Inactivity Period look like a golden age. In other news, Comrades' Choice Volume II began development, the Willemstan Chronicles began development, and the next election was foreshadowed.


October 1st of 2018 - The 52nd post was sent by Josue's account, but it was probably Charlie who actually sent it, as he is the producer of Comrades' Choice. This post had a link to a Google Form, in which the citizens could suggest songs for the upcoming Comrades' Choice Volume II.

October 18th of 2018 - By a vote of 4-2 (including a vote on each side from Eli), Willemstan voted to relocate to Discord.

October 20th of 2018 - Joey announced that a prototype of the Willemstan Chronicles would be released early November. Two years later, there has yet to be a prototype.

October 22nd of 2018 - Eli announced that "a new election is going to be planned". It was announced to take place between November and Christmas Eve.

October 25th of 2018 - The 53rd post was sent by Josue. It was an announcement regarding a planned "satanic ritual" (aka dicking around) for Halloween. Further plans were detailed on the Willemstan Discord.

October 25th of 2018 - The 54rd post was sent by Josue. This was another call for more citizens.