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October 2019

This article was last updated on: November 21st of 2020

Era Discord Era
Period Political Drought Period
Dictator Annie Payton
Ongoing Events Political Drought
Year 2019
Preceded By September of 2019
Succeeded By November of 2019

"Discord cool yes. System IV online yes."

- 'Silly Goose' in an update post to the Silly School, 10/24/19.


This month saw even more promotion of the WHS Robotics Team by Charlie Nolan. After being offline for almost one full month, SuS and the other Discord bots returned. However, they were now running from the robotics room in Williamston High School, rather than Charlie's house. In addition, System IV was founded on October 9th, also running from the robotics room. There was also a guest appearence from the Google Classroom.


October 3rd of 2019 - Charlie mentions the Robotics Team in #notifications.

October 4th of 2019 - Charlie plugs the Robotics Team again in #notifications.

October 4th of 2019 - SuS and the other Discord bots make a return, this time running from Williamston High School instead of Charlie's house.

October 9th of 2019 - After several issues, SuS and the bots were back online for real this time.

October 9th of 2019 - System IV was created, hosted on the same computer that runs the bots, located in the D2 Robotics Room.

October 11th of 2019 - An announcement is made asking Willemstan citizens to download UOS, the abandoned, educational, free to play game developed by the Estonian government.

October 24th of 2019 - The 58th post in the Silly School for Cosmic Children was made by Charlie as Silly Goose. This was a short update.