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October 2020

This article was last updated on: November 2nd of 2020

Era Discord Era
Period Controversial Period
Dictator Eli Payton
Ongoing Events None
Year 2020
Preceded By September of 2020
Succeeded By November of 2020

"This is the last regular update for the Willemstan Wiki... there wont be anymore monthly/weekly updates."

- Ian Hampton regarding the Willemstan Wiki 2.0 release, 10/01/20.


This month began with the Willemstan Wiki 2.0 release, which was the final regular update for the wiki. However, throughout the month Charlie Nolan and Ian Hampton made major improvements to the wiki. These included code simplification, three new articles, many article updates, a log-in system, and a random page function. In other news, the Willemstan File Service was officially discontinued. The Chonker and Mrs. O'Connor bots were also discontinued after many months of abandonment. October 9th was System IV's first birthday, making it the first System Folder to last a full year. However, on October 20th it was discovered that the folder had reached 366 gigs in size and was running out of space, and as a result the Willemstan Blog was created with an update. Charlie and Ian also produced "Vapebusters", a parody of the Ghostbusters' theme featuring Mr. Freeman and his stance against vapes. Server events took an unfortunate dive this month, as the Cosmoteer Tournament #2 lasted the entirety of last month, far longer than it should have, and making the tournament video took another 13 days. This caused a major burnout that didn't end until late October, when server events came back as a weekly thing. Finally, Andrew M. joined the Willemstan Wiki development team.


October 1st of 2020 - Willemstan Wiki Version 2.0 was released. This was the final regular update for the wiki. From this point on, updates would be preformed irregularly without updating the version number.

October 7th of 2020 - After being unused since System IV was created, the Willemstan File Service was finally deleted.

October 8th of 2020 - Many ancient Willemstani papers/documents were rediscovered by Charlie Nolan. These were the orignal "Glory to Willemstan" paper held up in 2017 during Mr. Weber's class, Charlie's suspention notice from the System I Saga, the saturday school notice, and a statement by Charlie during the Winter 2018 Election.

October 9th of 2020 - System IV's First Birthday.

October 17th of 2020 - Production of the song "Vapebusters" by Charlie and Ian began at 8:00pm. This was parody of the "Ghostbusters" theme song, in which the parody depicted Mr. Freeman's anti-vape stance. The project required several hours of audio editing. The project featured many infamous images, most of Mr. Freeman. These included segments from his 2019 anti-vaping interview with MSU, the "freeman with a gun image", and even some old yearbook photos of him. It also featured some images of WHS, a screenshot of Mr. Weber's Spanish Project, and more.

October 18th of 2020 - Vapebusters was released to the Silly Goose YouTube channel. Charlie also text-messaged the video to Mr. Freeman himself.

October 22nd of 2020 - Devin S. was removed from Eli Payton's administration after temporarily leaving the server.

October 23rd of 2020 - The first Jackbox Partypack competition was hosted by Ian. It recived a turnout of five people, including Ian himself.

October 30th of 2020 - Ian hosted a Minecraft "Base Assault" Competition, in which there were two teams that had to build a base and eliminate the other team. Eleven people participated.

October 31st of 2020 - A plan to raise a Willemstan flag at WHS was postponed as flags did not arrive on time.