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October 2021

This article was last updated on: November 1st of 2021

Era Discord Era
Period Controversial Period
Dictator Ian Hampton
Ongoing Events Operation Armour
Year 2021
Preceded By September of 2021
Succeeded By November of 2021

"Any and all Willemstan citizens, and Michigan residents are now elligible to join the Willemstan Airsoft League."

- Andrew Meyer in #propaganda, 10/25/21.


At the start of the month, Charlie and Ian released a trap remix of Mr. Herek's Normal Probability Plot. A couple days later, Operation Armour occurred, in which some of Mr. Armour's weird tweets from the past were printed out and distributed throughout Williamston High School. Over the course of the month, Mr. Kersten, Mr. Armour, and Mr. Herek would discover these printed tweets. They all thought it was hilarious. On October 25th, Andrew Meyer made another attempt at creating a Willemstan Airsoft Team. A discussion channel was created for the group on October 26th by Ian Hampton on his request. Finally, a remastered version of Vapebusters was released on October 31st.


October 2nd of 2021 - Charlie and Ian released a trap beat remix of Mr. Herek's Normal Probability Plot parody song.

October 4th of 2021 - Malcolm printed 20 copies of the infamous "Armour Tweets," or Mr. Armour's tweets from 2009, in which he lamented about his job and his boredom. The printed tweets were then distributed throughout the school.

October 9th of 2021 - The second birthday of System IV was celebrated in Willemstan. Ian made a quick announcement about it in #notifications.

October 13th of 2021 - Mr. Kersten and Mr. Armour became aware of the "Armour Tweets" distributed around the school on this day. This occurred when one of the slips of paper were discovered in Mr. Kersten's room. Both of them thought it was funny. Mr. Armour reportedly admitted to his poor spelling of "bored" as well, which he frequently tweeted as "board".

October 26th of 2021 - Ian announced a new role and text channel in #notifications for Andrew's Willemstan Airsoft Team.

October 28th of 2021 - Mr. Herek was shown one of the printed Armour Tweets. He also thought it was hilarious.

October 30th of 2021 - Vapebusters: Remastered was completed. Ian made an announcement in #notifications about it, promising to release it at 6pm on the following day, in time for Halloween.

October 31st of 2021 - Vapebusters: Remastered was released unlisted on Silly Goose and shared in Willemstan.