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Ok2Say Propaganda Franchise

Out of Date

This article was last updated on: October 16th of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

The altered Ok2Say Logo, which now reads "It is always okay to say!" in Spanish. This is the original file used on the project.

"Traitor. No me mates."

- "El Principal" to "Señor Free-man".


Side Image

In January of 2020, the students of Spanish III were tasked to make a 2.5 minute short film for their final that semester. The topic could be whatever they wanted. Naturally, Camden Hartman, Charlie Nolan, Ian Hampton, and Sean Kavanagh teamed up on the project. They were allowed to pick the topic for their project, and they chose a plot revolving around the controversal school-wide program Ok2Say. The project featured many inside jokes, including a satire character of Mr. Freeman portrayed by Charlie. The project was filmed in Williamston High School premired on the Silly Goose YouTube Channel. A remastered version of the project is currently in development, with an estimated release date in the late 2021.

Ok2Say Propaganda / "Final Project for Spanish III"

Development & Production

A script was drafted from January 7th of 2020 - January 8th of 2020. All members of the project contributed the the script, but most of it was written by Ian and Charlie. The script was approved by Miss Mitchell (the teacher) soon after. Despite being in another class period, Miss Mitchell also allowed Charlie to join the project. The script featured many inside jokes about the school environment, school staff, and several nods to 1984. The gun prop was a re-incarnation of "el gun", a prop used in a previous Spanish project that was just a piece of paper with "el gun" written on it.

Filming occurred on January 8th during AOT, after school on January 10th, and a final scene a few days later. Filming locations included the D-hallway, the D2 classroom (home of the WHS Robotics Team), and Sean's bathroom. Props had to be printed using various printers.

The film was edited by Ian and Charlie. Much of the scenes had voice dubbing added in, due to the fact that many members of the project did not want to record their scenes in Spanish. Despite how obvious the audio dubbing was, the group was not penalized for it. After editing, the project was indeed a Spanish project.

Main Cast

Plot Summary

The short film begins with a narrator introducing Ok2Say as a corrupt organization that had taken over Williamston High School five years in the future. It replaced Principal Dr. Delp with Sean, and introduced many harsh reforms including 6-day school weeks and "decreased in quality and excellence". The following scene is a Williamston Weekly broadcast, which in real life is a student run school news program. In the project, it became a principal run propaganda outlet. During his broadcast to the students of WHS, Principal Sean confirmed that it the day was an "AOT day", in which the students were forced to put up Ok2Say posters up around the school. Estudiante Uno and Estudiante Dos are then seen putting up these posters, but after agreeing that Dr. Delp was a better principal, decide to mutiny and tear up the posters. Meanwhile, Principal Sean executes a hostage in his office, and his henchmen Señor Free-man enters the scene soon after and informs Principal Sean of the rebelling students. Sean instructs Free-man to deal with the crisis and reminds Señor Free-man to fill out the sign-out sheet on his way out the door. Later, Señor Free-man ambushes Estudiante Uno and Estudiante Dos by jumping out of a bathroom stall. However, instead of detaining them, Señor Free-man betrays Principal Sean and supplies the two students with Anti-Sean propaganda. The two students then leave to hang up the Anti-Sean propaganda, removing the Ok2Say posters. Principal Sean learns of Señor Free-man's treachery, but is dramatically shot and killed by Señor Free-man, presumably ending the tyrannical rule of Ok2Say.

Release & Reception

The project was released on the Silly Goose YouTube Channel on January 12th of 2020. It was shown in class soon after. The video was very positively received on the channel, with almost 200 views and 11 likes. The class and Willemstani public also enjoyed the project. You can view the video here.

The project received a 90/96 from Miss Mitchell, a 93.75 percentage wise. The project only lost points for having "unclear audio" in some scenes. Funny enough, this unclear audio was only from scenes actually shot in Spanish. This is because those scenes were filmed with Ian's old shitty phone, which at the time had a deteriorating microphone. The phone died completely a few months later.

The infamous final scene of the project.

Proof of the A grade for the project.

Ok2Say Propaganda: Remastered


What shape the new film would take was unclear at first. On December 30th of 2020, Ian suggested making a sequel to the project in English. On January 17th of 2021, Ian brought up the idea again but suggested a re-mastering of the original instead of a sequel. However, the COVID-19 Pandemic had heavily restricted access to Williamston High School, making filming impossible for the 2020 - 2021 school year. By January 25th of 2021, all members of the original project had expressed interest in making a second film. On February 11th of 2021, an outline for a remastered version of the original film was drafted by Ian, and a full cast was assembled a few days later. The remastered version of the project is meant to be exactly that. Some scenes will be recreated, and many new scenes will be added. The hostage executed in the original film became a new character known as "Estudiante Tres", and "Señor Armour" is a new character that was not seen in the original. Despite Camden Hartman's graduation from high school at the end of the 2021 - 2022 school year, he is still in the Williamston area, and thus will be able to reprise his role.

Main Cast

Development & Production

Since Williamston High School is closed during the summer months, filming cannot begin until the 2021 - 2022 school year. On June 7th of 2021, a group chat for the project was created. At noon on August 15th of 2021, Charlie and Ian drafted the script together. Some of lines from the original project were used in the new script, but most of the lines are new. Just like the previous project, the script featured many inside jokes, but to an even greater degree. For example, the scene where Señor Free-man talks to El Principal about the Mike Freeman with a Gun Image was inspired from a real conversation between Charlie and the administration during the March Incident. During that conversation, they accused him of slandering Mr. Freeman's character and interfering with his ability to get a job by spreading the image. Never-mind the fact that Mr. Freeman is long retired and is most likely on a pension, and thus will not be seeking employment anytime soon if ever again. On August 18th of 2021, Ian translated the script to Spanish. The script was finalized on August 31st of 2021.

On August 31st and September 1st of 2021, project members rehearsed the script together. The first day of filming was supposed to be on September 10th of 2021. Everyone but Camden was there at the school, and entered the D2 robotics room through a janitor. Unfortunately for the group, Mr. Armour busted them all after a few minutes. He kindly asked that they leave, and only use the room if they have Cody present or written permission from him. On September 21st of 2021, after speaking with Mr. Armour, Cody decided that the robotics room was not to be used for filming the project. As a result, the entire project would have to be filmed outside of school classrooms.