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Operation Armour

Questionable Activity

This article was last updated on: November 1st of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

A screenshot of Mr. Armour's twitter account. He is no longer broke.

"Subbing. Board out of my mind! sick of work already!"

- Mr. Armour on twitter, 05/29/2021 & 05/31/2021.


On October 1st of 2021, Ian Hampton discovered a twitter account belonging to Mr. Chris Armour of Williamston High School. The account is very old, as has tweets going as far back as 2009. Some of the tweets were unintentionally hilarious, and so naturally they were shared in the #propaganda channel in the Willemstan Discord Server that same day. However, the most significant tweets were two tweets made in may of 2009 in which Mr. Armour was complaining about his job. According to his LinkedIn profile, he was not employed during that time, but given that he had just finished interning at the middle school, he was likely subbing for a teacher at Williamston Community Schools. Which pretty much provides direct evidence that he hated his job as a teacher.

The possibilities on what to do with the Armour Tweets are endless. Initially, there was some joking about forwarding the tweets to Dr. Spina or Dr. Delp as payback for the March Incident. Yet, on October 2nd, it was Dawson Morgan who provided the winning idea. During a meet at Bekum for the WHS Robotics Team, the Armour Tweets came up. Dawson suggested that Willemstan should print out the tweets en-mass and share them around the school. That is exactly what occurred.

While the operation occurred on pretty much only one day, more and more staff members became aware of the tweets as the month went on.

The Armour Tweets

While Mr. Armour tweeted a lot, the "Armour Tweets" are a selection of five of his tweets that were sent in #propaganda on October 1st. These are regarded to be the funniest and weirdest ones of them all.

Image at the top of the screen.

Mr. Armour tweeting about coffee while earning a degree at MSU.

Image at the top of the screen.

Mr. Armour sharing a project for his degree at MSU by taking a picture of his phone like a total boomer.

Image at the top of the screen.

Mr. Armour saying he's "board" with life.

Image at the top of the screen.

Mr. Armour complaining about his work as a substitute at the school.

The Operation

Side Image

The goal of the operation was to spread around the tweets of Mr. Armour complaining about his job. Not really to slander him, more so for Willemstan's own amusement. On October 4th 2021, Malcolm printed out twenty copies of "sick of work already", the most compromising of the Armour tweets. This was the only print run done for the operation. He discretely shared these by giving them out to people he knew, although some were left in disk drives of school computers. Despite their only being 20 tweets in circulation, it wasn't long before school staff members noticed the tweets.

Response from Administration

On October 13th of 2021, Mr. Kersten found one of the Armour tweets, and thought it was hilarious. Some students in his classroom found one of the printed tweets, which Mr. Kersten noticed. He told the students to ask Mr. Armour about the tweets. Mr. Armour also found the tweets hilarious, and admitted to his poor spelling of bored. On October 28th of 2021, Mr. Herek was shown an Armour tweet, and found it just as funny as the other two staff members did.

So while response from school staff have been surprisingly positive, Willemstan doesn't intend to push its luck any further. There are no plans to continue Operation Armour.