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Operation Mike Freeman

This article was last updated on: October 20th 2022

Image at the top of the screen.

The infamous Mike Freeman image represented by Minecraft blocks.

"Alright, since there is some interest, Operation Mike Freeman is a go. The goal: Build the Mike Freeman with a gun image in Zaharren's (IT Man) Minecraft server. Spread Willemstan culture."

- Ian Hampton in #notifications, 07/26/2022.


Operation Mike Freeman or "Operation Freeman" for short was a Willemstan project proposed by Ian Hampton in July 2022. The goal was to spread Willemstan culture into a Minecraft server ran by Zaharren Wilhelm, one of the IT Men at Williamston Community Schools. The main proposal was to replicate the Mike Freeman with a Gun Image on the server, either as pixel art or map art. A text channel, #operation-mike-freeman, was created in the Willemstan Discord Server to cordinate efforts. While the operation was set to begin on August 1st 2022, it unfortunately never took off.

Announcements in #notifications that lead to Operation Mike Freeman.

Planned Project Members

These are the main Willemstan members who indicated interest in participating in the operation: