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The Osker Situation

Note: This article may be disturbing. It is primarily based on rumor, so don't take it 100% seriously.

This article was last updated on: February 20th 2022

Image at the top of the screen.

Sean Kavanagh dabbing on Osker Feher for being an idiot during Mr. Travis's biology class, circa 2019.

"It's really a police matter, and it hasn't affected anything on our end."

- Dr. Adam Spina on Osker's arrest to Lansing State Journal, 11/05/21.


Osker Feher is long-time Williamston resident born in 2004. He attended Williamston High School, in which he was mostly known for being annoying, obnoxious, and a somewhat egotistical drug user. In early November of 2021, shit hit the fan when Osker allegedly committed several crimes, including statutory rape, several counts of assault, and a threat to shoot up the school. He was arrested on November 3rd of 2021. The Osker Situation was widely circulated among students and parents of Williamston High School during November and December. Little has been said about it among the press and local officials, probably due to privacy laws and for the sake of Williamston Community Schools's PR. As a result, most of the information we have on this situation is from fellow students directly involved in the situation, but we admit some information may be inaccurate.

In January, Osker was out on bail, and tried under the court of law and found not guilty of all counts, amazingly. We aren't sure when this trial was and what he actually ended up being charged with, though we do know the alleged "video confession" of his wrongdoings was never presented as evidence. Osker has not returned to Williamston High School, and likely never will.

What Makes the Man?

Osker had attended WCS since ear;y elementary school, where he was a kind of strange kid with a traumatic past. During the 1st grade, he was hit by a car and around the same time his younger half brother died of pneumonia. He attended a military school throughout some elementary school and most of middle school, and returned in 8th grade, living at a local trailer park. He was kind of strange and annoying then and as he transitioned into high school, he thought he was cool and also got involved in things including but not limited to vaping, pot, and LSD.

Events Leading Up to His Arrest


Oskar allegedly smoked pot and had sex with an 8th grader, named Natalie whose last name will not be mentioned. It is unclear whether her family knew about this or not, but her family had a track record with drug use. Yay, Williamston. She had a boyfriend, Will, who learned of this and obviously was very mad at Osker and concerned for Natalie. Will was another 8th grader and was also not quite an upstanding citizen; he and Osker regularly smoked pot together and were good friends. Needless to say, their friendship was severed, and Will and Osker supposedly had a conversation where Osker admitted to everything, which Will claimed to have a recording of. But Will never presented said video in court, so this recording may not actually exist at all. Osker and his mom allegedly threatened him, leading Will to feel unsafe in his home. He went to stay at a friend Shaun's house for a while. It was claimed that Osker showed up there numerous times (once with a knife) to threaten Will into staying quiet. Will did not want to contact the police for fear of his safety, but this scandal quickly gained traction at school, and law enforcement began to take interest.

November 3rd 2021

On the evening of November 3rd 2021, at around 9pm, the police came to talk with Osker. This was thought to be the time of arrest at first, but according to a police report issued the next day, officers were merely investigating Osker at the time.

November 4th 2021

Osker Feher fled Wilson Talent Center this day and ended up being arrested. First, a classmate in auto tech class assaulted him with a can of brake cleaner after classmates were calling him out for his actions and he threatened them. Then he threatened to shoot up the school, got in his car, and drove home without notifying the administration or anything. This earned him a suspension from the Wilson Talent Center and Williamston High School. The school was also notified and sent out a generic 'keep calm' email to parents. A WTC classmate reported his threat and other recent actions to the local police, and the school got involved. Throughout 5th and 6th hour, students were called down to the office and interviewed by school staff and police. The next day, Williamston Police sent out a notice that Osker had been arrested on the night of the 4th.


Side Image

Osker was arrested on November 4th of 2021. To our knowledge, he was charged for "several crimes pertaining to making threats and using an electronic device to commit a crime" and the threat against the school. It is unknown if he was ever charged with statutory rape or other crimes he allegedly committed before November 4th. The Williamston Police department released an official press release regarding Osker's arrest. They did not mention his name specifically in the release, likely due to privacy laws. Some key information was gained from this, including that the police had found incriminating stuff on Osker's phone, which gave them a reason to arrest him.

A few news articles were released covering this arrest by regional news outlets, but they were all very brief. The most interesting one was from the Lansing State Journal, which contained a quote from Superintendent Adam Spina.

Legal Proceedings

Restraining Orders

On November 18th of 2021, it was rumored that there are three restraining orders active against Osker. This was confirmed by multiple people involved in the situation, but no authorities. As long as these restraining orders are active, Osker cannot return to Williamston High School.

Bail Agreement

On November 18th of 2021, it was rumored that Osker was released on bail. While the exact conditions and price of his bail are unknown, it has been claimed that Osker's mother used their house as collateral to pay it off. This was confirmed by multiple people involved in the situation, but no authorities.

First Court Appearance

Type: Delinquency Pre-Trial

Location: Grady Porter Building, Ingham County

Time: 12/01/2021 (9:20am)

Case number: 21-000840-DL

Osker's first known court appearance occurred on December 1st of 2021. This trial took place in the 30th Judicial Circuit Court of Ingham County. A brief note of the case was mentioned on their website for a time, under their "daily schedule" page. This revealed that Osker was being tried as a juvenile at the time of this pre-trial. According to rumors, some people involved in the situation were called to testify. The hearing was private due to privacy laws and possibly COVID-19 restrictions from 2020.


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