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Other Discord Bots

This article was last updated on: September 26th of 2022

An image of Mr. Jonathan Gere, the teacher the Gere Discord Bot is based off of.


This article is about homecooked Discord bots present on the Willemstan Discord Server that are not SuS. Most of these were developed by Charlie. On June 27th of 2019, Charlie founded a Discord server known as "Bot test zone", in order to test the SuS bot. It would later be used for many more Discord bots, built from the SuS code. The server is still online today, but has always had very irregular use. For some reason, edog813 is still present in the bot testing server, even though he was removed from Willemstan almost a year ago at this point. Since July of 2021, the Johnathan Gere bot has been the only homemade Discord bot still functioning (excluding SuS).

Gere Discord Bot (2019 - Present)

Controlled by same source code file as SuS, responses are done using slave work and a random number generator. The routines used to generate Gere's responses are called the Fucktard Engine. This is also used as the backbone to make other interactive Discord bots. The Gere Discord bot spews quotes from Mr. Gere, a teacher of the Art and "Design and Modeling" electives at Williamston Middle School. The bot also releases "shishposts", random files it finds from the Mediapool folder. However, Willemstan members have been constantly contributing new quotes for the Gere bot since 2019, to the point where it has become an annoying spambot than anything else, and lost any likeness to Gere that it originally had.

Gere went offline at the same time as SuS on April 17th of 2020, thanks to IT Men activity. The bot was brought back online shortly after the 2020 Rescue Operation. However, it remained exiled from Willemstan under Eli Payton's Second Dictatorship, and did not return to Willemstan until January of 2021. As a result, the bot was offline/unused for over 8 months. After returning to Willemstan, SuS premium was disbanded, and the message recording function was tied directly into Willemstan.

Naturally, the Gere bot has recieved about 201 new responses since its return. Ian has added about 127 of these. During August and September of 2021, Ian added many "rasmus-isms", in order to "give him multi-personality disorder". Prior to that, he added many quotes from Mr. Duffey and Mr. Herek. He has also contributed many shitposts about Willemstan members (including himself) and Williamston teachers. Charlie has added about 45 new responses. This paragraph was last updated on September 15th of 2021.

Chonker Discord Bot (Spring 2018 - October 2020)

The first instance of a Willemstan-made botted user account. Originally, Chonker was just an alternate account meant to represent Annie Payton for the upcoming election at the time. However, citizens of Willemstan soon voted to give it "gere abilities". As a result, the account ran on modified Gere code and eventually had SuS Premium. Despite Annie Payton's victory in 2018, the account wasn't really used to represent Annie, instead becoming an independent chat bot like Gere, except worse. However, the Chonker bot had stopped working sometime in 2019, and remained inactive for almost a year. The reason for Chonker's comatose state was never discovered. It was officially retired in October of 2020.

Mrs. O'Connor Discord Bot (Spring 2020 - October 2020)

This bot was also based on modified Gere code with additional response data, and acts as an annoying bus driver from Williamston Community Schools. However, unlike the Gere bot, the Mrs. O'Connor bot was way more grounded and mostly spewed quotes from its likeness. It also uttered exaggerated phrases typically said by bus drivers. After the deletion of Antarctica, the O'Conner bot became unused and mostly forgotten about. It was officially retired in October 2020.

ninja brian Discord Bot (May 2020 - July 2021)

"ninja brian" is the first homecooked Discord bot in Willemstan that wasn't created by Charlie Nolan. It was created by Aidan S. for the Antarctica Discord Server on May 6th of 2020, and was used to harass and annoy certain members of the server. The bot was decommissioned on September 24th of 2020, but there was talk in Willemstan on December 15th of 2020 to revive it for Willemstan.

After joining Willemstan in January 6th of 2021, the bot soon gained the ability to send automatic responses from a list like Gere, and turned off most of its former functions. For a time, there was a joke rivalry between Gere and Brian. However, over the course of a few months, ninja brian became to be viewed as a copycat Gere bot, and not a unique indivdual. It also stopped sending messages after April for unknown reasons. On July 19th of 2021, then Dictator Ian Hampton asked the citizens of Willemstan in #notifications if ninja brian should be publicly executed. In a 12 to 1 decision, the citizens of Willemstan voted to publicly execute ninja brian. On July 21st, just a couple days later, ninja brian was banned from Willemstan.

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System IV Archiver (January 2022 - Present)

The System IV archiver bot is entirely passive and does not interact. It logs messages and downloads media in any server is it part of when it is sent. The purpose of this bot is for archival for reasons like Willemstan Wiki research and punishment days.