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Prehistory of Willemstan

This article was last updated on: November 19th of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

An image of the Silly School for Cosmic Children school project.

"The Silly School for Cosmic Children is probably one of the best schools on Mars. You know what I mean... uh, you know John Cena's there duuuuuuuude!"

- Nathan Haney in the Silly School for Cosmic Children project video, 01/13/2017.


The "Prehistory of Willemstan" refers to any important events that contributed to the foundation of Willemstan, but occurred before Willemstan was actually created. The prehistory era began in January of 2017 and ended when the Silly School for Cosmic Children was founded in Google Classroom during January of 2018. The two main things to come out of this period was the original Silly School for Cosmic Children, and the term "Willemstan".

Silly School for Cosmic Children - School Project

The Silly School was founded on January 13th of 2017 as an 7th grade school project in the Engineering class. The Silly School was largely made up of cardboard, and was founded by the organization known as "Dewritos", a play on the words "Doritos" and "Mountain Dew," which were products referenced in MLG videos, a certain type of YouTube Poop. The school was entirely self sufficient, and contained its own power generation system, farms, and housing. The school encouraged social activity and boasted about a low crime rate. The school also produced a lot of waste and punished students through "balance exercises". The students shown were toy WWE wrestlers (a tie-in with WWE YouTube Poops). A video depicting the Silly School of Cosmic Children was released on the Silly Goose YouTube channel a year and some months later on May 29th of 2018. A year after the Silly School was created, a Google Classroom was created in its name. Josue and Charlie's friendship had strengthened and they had reintroduced themselves into YouTube Poops. This Classroom would become Willemstan. The Classroom was created in Mr. Weber's US History class.

Several members of Willemstan made appearances in this video. The first Dictator of Willemstan, Josue Mejia, made an appearance as the co-founder of Dewritos and construction executive for the Silly School. Winter 2018 Election candidate David Giovanni was present as a teacher for the Silly School. Charlie Nolan also made an appearance as a co-founder of Dewritos and an engineer of the school. Finally, Winter 2019 Election candidate Andrew Batton was present as someone who was randomly interviewed.

Trivia Game in Mr. Weber's Class

The term "Willemstan" originated in Mr. Weber's class during a trivia review game.

An account from Charlie regarding the trivia game and the origin of the Willemstan name.

The original paper held up during that class period. If you mirror the image, you can read the classwork on the back.