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Pro-Herek Propaganda

This article was last updated on: July 11th of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

Originally taken from a school yearbook, this is currently the most iconic image of Mr. Raymond Herek in Willemstan.

"Mr. Herek is awesome"

- "Beth" to Mr. Herek during an instructional video on long division with polynomials, December 2020.

"I am ready Mr. Herek!"

- "Mark" to Mr. Herek during an instructional video on long division with polynomials, December 2020.


Mr. Raymond "Ray" Herek has been a math teacher at Williamston High School since around 2001. However, it was not until the school year of 2020-2021 that members of Willemstan had him as a teacher. It turns out, this Mr. Herek is actually a pretty funny guy, and most members of Willemstan view him in a positive light. As a result, we are not trying to be malicious in the slightest with this "Pro-Herek Propaganda" we produce (as you can see by the name). Most of the material for Pro-Herek propaganda has come from Mr. Herek's own YouTube channel. Most of the propaganda itself has been created and distributed by Ian Hampton.

Mr. Herek first became an iconic figure in Willemstan during December of 2020, just before winter break. For one of his asynchronous videos, Mr. Herek decided to use text to speech bots to emulate class discussion. This produced a very comedic and depressing atmosphere, but resulted in several funny quotes by the text to speech bots, including "I am ready Mr. Herek!" and "Mr. Herek is awesome." The former of which was added to the list of Mr. Gere quotes on January 6th of 2021. However, the discovery of the Raymond Herek YouTube channel on January 19th of 2021 is when things really began to take off.

As previously mentioned, Pro-Herek Propaganda is significantly different from Anti-Delp Propaganda. For one, we're not trying to attack Mr. Herek in the slightest, and much of the propaganda produced has been used for a variety of purposes and rarely focusing on Mr. Herek himself. Rather, it is more of a cult of personality thing. The appeal of Pro-Herek Propaganda is that it features Mr. Herek, not that it is about Mr. Herek. Mr. Herek is awesome.

Normal Probability Plot Video

On March 27th of 2018, Mr. Herek uploaded "Normal Probability Plot Script" to his YouTube channel, one of three short parody videos for his AP Statistics class. This video was discovered by Ian and shared in Willemstan on January 19th of 2021, and quickly became very public among the Willemstan people. The most iconic part of the video was the last few seconds, in which Mr. Herek put on shades and moved his head around to the beat of the song. On January 20th of 2021, Ian took a screenshot of this and titled it "Gangster Herek" in the file name. This was turned into an emote on the Willemstan Discord Server at some point. Eventually, Ian made a full gif of Mr. Herek putting on the shades and moving his head around, which he continued to use regularly for months.

The lyrics of the video itself also became sort of a copypasta in Willemstan, with a couple members of Willemstan going as far as memorizing the whole thing (which was probably the intention of the video anyway). For many months, the lyrics were the description of one of the media channels in the Willemstan Discord Server. This meme eventually died after shameless overuse by Joey and Ian.

"The normal probability plot is approximately linear, so it is not unreasonable to assume that the population is approximately normal."

Wheel Video

On December 2nd of 2017, Mr. Herek uploaded a short clip of his bonus round win on Wheel of Fortune to his YouTube channel. This clip was taken from some recording of the full episode (Season 25 Episode 63), which we sadly cannot find a recording of online. This video was shared in Willemstan on the same day as the Normal Probablity Plot video. After about a month of on and off searching, we were able to track down the exact episode Mr. Herek appeared in through various clues scattered on Facebook discussion groups and Wheel of Fortune forums.

Anyway, the end clip of the host showing Mr. Herek what he won was quickly recognized as a meme template among Willemstan citizens, mainly due to Mr. Herek's reaction to winning the car. However, this clip hasn't been used that much unfortunately. On February 23rd of 2021, Ian posted the first meme featuring this clip, depicting the coup against the Willemstan government.

On February 27th of 2021, Andrew M posted a propaganda for the Empire of Willemstan directive using this template.

All Propaganda Images

The "Gangster Herek" image.

The iconic "Gangster Herek" gif.

Mr. Herek winning the car at Wheel of Fortune.

The picture of Mr. Herek from the school yearbook.

The picture of Mr. Herek from the school yearbook with the caption.