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Original Willemstan Ranking System

Willemstani Economics

This article was last updated on: December 1st of 2020

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The original post announcing details regarding the ranking system.


The Willemstan Ranking System was likely designed for the Willemstan Military around February of 2018. Further details and improvements were not released until the Willemstan Commandments were drafted in March of 2018, and on September 20th of 2018 and when a full list of ranks was published to the Silly School for Cosmic Children (Google Classroom). This ranking system remained in place for years. When Willemstan moved to Discord at around the same time, the ranking system was converted to the server in the form of roles and became mostly cosmetic, with the exception of the higher roles. According to the Willemstan Commandments, ranks were given when a citizen applied for citizenship, and promotions could only be given through a majority vote by the elitist committee, or by the Dictator and General.

Supreme Ranks

These three ranks carried the highest weight in Willemstan. The "Right Hand Man" position was not added until late 2018 during Josue Mejia's Dictatorship, and fell out of use in 2019 with Annie Payton's Dictatorship.

Elitist Committee

The elitist committee were described as "verifiable" and held the power to promote the ranks of others.

Sub-Elitist Ranks

These ranks were not elitist but were considered "verifiable". Some members of Willemstan with a sub-elitist rank were deployed as spies during the Willemstan - Wolfenstan War.


Ranks with limited power who enforced the rule of law in Willemstan. They "shall always be wishing for promotions" according to the Willemstan Commandments.

Citizen Ranks

These ranks are citizens.

No Rights

Citzens with these ranks had little or no rights at all. These were typically given as temporary punishment rolls. Members of Willemstan could be demoted from any rank to one of these roles.

Decline and Deletion

Overtime, the ranking system had begun to be seen as a redundent system by the Willemstan public. Promotions carried little weight, and it was clear the system was mostly cosmetic, especially when power became more centralized overtime. In 2019, the loss of the Willemstan Folder due to a failed hard drive backup resulted in a total loss of citizen data. The days of exiling people to "capitalist scum" were long over by 2020. With this in mind, then Dictator/President Sean Kavanagh deleted the ranking system as a part of Willemstan 1.1. Only the Dictator role survived. Overtime, more roles would be added back to the server, but these were their own system and not at all related to this.