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This article was last updated on: February 4th 2023

Image at the top of the screen.

The SuS Discord bot icon.

"Back in February I found a file named tokens, it wasn't well hidden. Anyone could have gotten it... Do you know what [I could] do with that token? You know how easy it is right?"

- Malcolm Hollingworth to Ian Hampton in a prime example of foreshadowing, 05/07/2020.


SuS is the first homemade Discord bot for Willemstan, and perhaps the most well known. SuS was developed by Charlie Nolan to conduct Willemstan ventures and government operations. The name "SuS" is a stupid joke, commonly used in YTPs to mean "sauce". The icon for SuS is actually just a zoomed-out picture of Charlie's camera roll at the time, which included a picture of Dr. Steven Delp. The SuS Discord bot has been an iconic part of Willemstan for years now, and has evolved far beyond its original functions. It is mostly known for its controversial "SuS Premium" service, which extensively collected information on many members of Willemstan until January of 2021, when the service was retired.

On October 3rd 2022, SuS was migrated to a newer version of the Discord API. This broke many functions, including DM commands and salt-mining. After being largely in the shadows since the establishment of the Willemstan Salt Mine, SuS infiltrated the election process with the creation of the Willemstan.com Ballot System, which relies on SuS to operate.

Early SuS

SuS was created in February 2019 by Charlie as an adventure in programming, to be used for Willemstan's dirty work. Hosted on a laptop computer under a bed for quite some time, and even ran on solar power for about a week. It was used to censor speech in Willemstan during 2019, automatically deleting messages with certain keywords. This caused great annoyance. SuS's code would later be used as a basis to create the Gere bot.

Shutdown, Exile, and Return of SuS

During the COVID-19 Pandemic the System IV computer was taken offline on April 17th of 2020 due to robotics room renovations, partially managed by the IT Men. Charlie attempted to use an older version of SuS to take back Willemstan (on his laptop) during the coup, but this was unsuccessful the older version had been deleted some time ago. We did not know the cause of the shutdown until July of 2020, when it was discovered that the IT Men caused it by shutting down all the computers in the robotics room, including System IV.

Shortly after the coup, the Willemstan 1.2 Reforms removed the comatose SuS and Charlie's other bots from the server, who were still inactive due to the shutdown in April. SuS was retrieved from Williamston High School on July 27th of 2020 during the 2020 Rescue Operation. It was finally brought back online after 101 days, but it was still exiled from Willemstan. The tokens file copied by Malcolm so long ago was finally moved to a more secure location that could not be accessed from System IV. SuS found a new home in the Antarctica Discord Server as a refugee.

SuS remained in Antarctica for several months, but in September of 2020, SuS was moved to the Greenland Discord Server after Antarctica was deleted. It remained there until SuS was allowed back into Willemstan in January of 2021 following Sean Kavanagh's return to power.

Return of Censorship

In February 2021, SuS's censorship function made a partial return. It deleted all mentions of Willemstan's "unpersons" (people banned from the server). At the time, this was Ethan and Ben (Aldina). This was done for totalitarian purposes and not out of genuine spite (though there was definitely some animosity towards them). The censorship function quickly proved to be very unreliable, frequently breaking for reasons unknown. It also quickly became unpopular because the censorship of the word "Ben" largely prevented the mentioning of Ben Kruger in Willemstan. As a result, the new censorship function was never fixed and was left to rot quickly after its implementation.

Current Functions

Role in System IV

Main article: System IV

SuS still runs on the System IV computer. After the Willemstan File Service was decommissioned, the SuS commands used to download and upload things remotely were re-purposed for System IV. As a result, SuS can be used to access and download certain files from System IV, using Discord. This even worked back when System IV was running in Williamston High School. Most data used by SuS is stored on System IV, such as source code and media collected by SuS Premium. SuS was integrated into the original Live Camera Feed for a time. It was used to fetch the current time and integrate Willemstan Government Alerts with the livestream. This practice was discontinued after a new computer without SuS was used for the second season of the Live Camera Feed. SuS also holds a role in the "Willemstan Wiki, by enabling remote deactivation of the entire site, as well as indexing the pages for functions such as the random page feature.

Willemstan Government Alerts

SuS can announce Willemstan Government Alerts when prompted. These are announcements relating to Willemstan, in servers that SuS has access to that have a large user overlap with Willemstan. Tests are conducted occasionally, and the alert system has been used for legit reasons on several occasions.

The following is an archive of all Willemstan Government Alerts sent by SuS:

Role in the Willemstan Salt Mine

Main article: Willemstan Salt Mine

The Willemstan Salt Mine is partly managed by the SuS bot. SuS commands assign a user to mine salt (1-100 salt shakers) and keep track of how much salt they have mined and free them when the sentence is complete. It also counts the total amount of salt mined in Willemstan and stores this information in its Discord status. Unfortunately, we cannot figure out how to get it manage roles.

Willemstan.com Ballot System

See also: Willemstan Elections

In 2022, Charlie developed a Willemstan.com-based election system. Instead of using google forms for the ballot and google sheets to count the votes, the entire election process was ported over to Willemstan.com. Using SuS, Willemstan citizens can get their voting information, while Willemstan.com stores and displays the published vote results in real time. On the backend, government officials could check and update the election results at any time. With SuS and Willemstan.com doing all the legwork, Charlie and Ian no longer had to manually create voter IDs and poll updates. Unfortunately, it is much harder to manually review ballots under the new system.

The new system would first be used in the Winter 2022 Election. While it significantly reduced the work Charlie and Ian had to do, some citizens were confused by the new system.

Obsolete Functions

Role in the Willemstan File Service

Main article: Willemstan File Service

SuS ran on the same computer that hosted the Willemstan File Service, and its files used to be hidden inside of the WFS files. SuS commands were used to access the WFS from Discord, allowing the citizens of Willemstan to download files remotely from System IV. These commands were removed after the WFS was discontinued.

SuS Premium

SuS Premium was an "optional" service for Willemstan citizens that launched by July 7th 2019. It unlocked additional SuS Features, at the cost of your privacy and everyone you talked to. To obtain SuS Premium, you had to give your Discord Token to Sus, which it used to collect all messages and media you send & received over Discord. All visual and audio media collected from SuS Premium was stored in the Mediapool folder, the largest directory in System IV. Message text was stored in an undisclosed location on the System IV server. At its highest point, 13 Discord accounts had SuS premium. In order to access the Mediapool and message logs, you had to have SuS Premium yourself.

On a couple occasions, media collected from SuS Premium was live-streamed on the Silly Goose YouTube Channel at random. There have been two of these streams, and both have resulted in strikes from YouTube. The first stream was on January 7th of 2020, and was taken down for streaming a pirated and compressed episode of Seinfeld. The second steam was on July 27th of 2020, and was once again taken down by YouTube, for sexual content that time.

Surely, a mass surveillance program designed with amateur code would never have any drawbacks to Willemstan (that was sarcasm). SuS Premium had a major data leak in February of 2020. This was because SuS stored all of the tokens of SuS Premium subscribers in a text file on the System IV server. Malcolm H. eventually found this file after spending an hour digging through System IV during robotics. He later experimented with the tokens by taking control of several dead alternate accounts in Willemstan. On May 7th of 2020, Malcolm suggested to Ian in dms that he should change his password, and told Ian vague details about the tokens file. Ian took Malcolm's advice and got 2FA, resetting his Discord token. Ian kept this conversation with Malcolm to himself, as he did not realize the true nature of the situation at the time. He even completely forgot about the incident as well. On June 16th of 2020, Malcolm used Sean's Discord token to transfer sever ownership of Willemstan to Eli Payton. In return, Eli removed Charlie from power and gave Malcolm an admin position. This event is known as the June 2020 Coup, and resulted in a whole string of events.

Following the coup, many citizens of Willemstan reset their Discord tokens, dramatically decreasing the number of SuS Premium subscribers. SuS and the rest of Charlie's bots were removed from Willemstan by Eli, although it is worth noting that those bots had been off-line since April 2020 due to the school shutdown. SuS Premium was officially discontinued on January 2nd of 2021. This was for a couple reasons. Firstly, when the SuS bot returned to Willemstan, Charlie opted to have it record all of the messages in the Willemstan Discord Server, which it could do by itself without the need to exploit citizen accounts. Another reason was that the coup put quite a stain on SuS Premium's record, which was already shady to begin with. Citizens of Willemstan understandably refused to get SuS Premium again following the events of the coup. SuS Premium also put a significant processing power strain on the server.

The was the message you received after giving SuS your token.

Willemstan Social Credit System

The "Social Credit System" was a function of SuS developed by Alexandra, Charlie, Ian, and Izzy on January 9th of 2022. Based on the China's Social Credit System meme, the citizens of Willemstan were punished and rewarded depending on certain keywords. If an approved word was said, their social score goes up, and if a banned word was said, their social score goes down. Saying "Tiananmen Square" would result in a penalty of -50 social credits. Each citizen starts at 100 social credits, and if a citizen's score goes below zero, they will be sent to the salt mines to make up the difference.

This system has caused a lot of controversy and attracted a lot of criticism. Many citizens are displeased with the fact that the list of banned words is not public. In January of 2022, the rebel faction The Revolution citied the social credit system as a reason for their uprising. After this, the Willemstan Social Credit System was unceremoniously retired.

The WillemBomb

Main article: The Faction

The WillemBomb was a proposed project for use against the Willemstan Discord Server. As the name implies, the WillemBomb is a permissions nuke that would create hundreds of admin roles in a second and assign them to all members of the server. This would create total anarchy and would be very hard to fix given that server administrators would have to delete the new roles manually. The WillemBomb was partially completed, but never fully realized due to Discord API limitations.