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Second Raid on the r/Williamston Subreddit

This article was last updated on: January 1st of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

The first image posted during the raid.

"Glory to Willemstan"


It had been over a year since the First r/Williamston Raid, and many months since the occupation that followed. After the occupation, the subreddit was all but forgotten until September of 2020, when the community was rediscovered. It had been two months since the last post. Members of Willemstan decided to raid the sub once again.

Goals for the Raid

This time, the only goal was to have fun, cause temporary chaos, and remind the people of r/Williamston that we still exist. The raid began on September 10th at 4:03pm.


The following people participated in the raid in some form:

Post Archive

Here is a complete archive of all posts made by members of Willemstan during the raid:

"Glory to Willemstan" - Charlie on September 10th of 2020


Joey: Glory to Willemstan

Malcolm: Glory to Willemstan

David: Glory to Willemstan

Ethan: Glory to Willemstan

Andrew: Glory to Willemstan

Ian: Glory to Willemstan

Charlie: Glory to Willemstan

Eli: Glory to Willemstan

"We own this now, you cannot stop the gang..." - Malcolm on September 10th of 2020


Eli: Gang

"Uprising" - Charlie on September 10th of 2020


Eli: Gun

"Exposed lol" - Ethan on September 10th of 2020


Eli: Communist Spina

"Title" - Ian on September 10th of 2020


Eli: Title - H

Result of the Raid

The raid concluded on the same day that it began, at 4:57pm. From September 28th of 2020 to February 1st of 2021, there was no response by the sole admin of the subreddit, nor any member of the subreddit at all in fact. However, on February 1st the admin deleted the vast majority of the posts from the second raid following the events of the Empire of Willemstan directive, which involved a third and final raid of the subreddit.