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This article was last updated on: September 29th of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

Icon of the separatist server.

"I can't believe I have to say this but making a second Willemstan is the dumbest idea ever. Undermining the will of the Dictator and killing the sever all in one go. The Dictatorship means nothing if their will is not heard and respected. Coup was funny the first time, but as the Dictator said earlier: "Be civil or be dead. There will be a zero tolerance policy for insurgents.""

- Ian Hampton on the Discord server used by members of Willemstan to evade the meme slowdown, 02/20/21.


As you probably know, Willemstan was not very stable during the Willemstan 1.1 period. Most citizens were actively against the new government system, and did not approve of the leadership at the time. Sometime during May 2020, some members of Willemstan decided to create a "Willemstan 2", a separate Discord server free from the issues they had with Willemstan at the time. Separatist included Eli Payton and Malcolm Hollingworth, however they still resided in the Willemstan Discord server at the same time. According to Malcolm, the server was made as a contingency plan in case Willemstan continued to spiral down the drain. After the Willemstan Coup, the server was left in the dust. However, there was a brief return in February of 2021 due to a meme slowdown enforced by Sean Kavanagh's administration. Members of this server insist the server is no longer a separatist provision, but members of Sean's administration claim the server undermines the Dictator's authority. Eli was briefly sent to the Salt Mines on February 20th of 2021 due to his involvement, but this was quickly reversed.

Before this, there were a couple cases of separatism in Willemstan's early history. For one, the Willemstan - Wolfenstan War was a month long conflict in which the upper administration left Willemstan due to a lack of interest in the server. However, this war really wasn't much of a separatist movement, and more of a dramatic exit for citizens that had been tired of Willemstan for a long time. Secondly, it was claimed that Malcolm had another Willemstan server during 2018/2019, and thus "Malcolm's Willemstan" was shunned. However, whether or not the server actually existed is still up for debate.

Willemstan 2

Controversial Period

See also: Willemstan 1.1

According to Malcolm, the server was created right after Willemstan's history was purged on the Discord Server. (So the first day of the Willemstan 1.1 Reforms). The group wanted to write down as much history as possible, but that goal never really came to fruition. Nothing really happened on the server, it was very dead. Very few massages were sent, including one meme. After the coup, the server had no real purpose.

Resurgence Period

See also: Willemstan Discord Server

The sever gained use after the slow mode was enforced on the Willemstan Discord Server. This occurred from February 12th of 2021 to February 20th of 2021. According to Malcolm, the server was only used for memes. It was not an attempt at a "coup v2". Regardless, Sean's administration does not agree with the server. However, with the meme slowmode lifted, the server became inactive once again.