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September 2018

This article was last updated on: November 20th of 2020

Era Google Classroom Era
Period Decline Period
Dictator Josue Mejia
Ongoing Events None
Year 2018
Preceded By August of 2018
Succeeded By October of 2018

"You're fake, you impersonating scum!"

- 'Sean Kavanagh' to Sean Kavanagh, 08/19/18.


Almost another month went by before another post was made on the Silly School for Cosmic Children (Google Classroom). From August 23rd of 2018 to September 17th of 2018 there was no activity. However, this month was the most active yet for the classroom, as posts 38 - 51 were made. Unfortunatly, this surge of activity would not save the classroom. On September 24th, the Willemstan Discord Server was created by Eli Payton. Many of the Original Members of Willemstan chose to join the Discord. During this month, we saw a lot of posts from Charlie Nolan and Josue Mejia. However, there was also a subplot between Charlie and Sean Kavanagh, as Charlie had created an account called "Sean Kavanagh" and was jokingly impersonating Sean, who's account was named "Bone Bro". We also saw a couple of posts from Sean and Eli, a nice change from the usual shitposting by Charlie or Josue. The line between Josue and Charlie blurred a lot this month, as Charlie was frequently hijacking Josue's account to post stuff, such as the First Attack on D1. Finally, we saw the first implementation of Willemstan Slavery, and further clarifications regarding the ranking system.


September 17th of 2018 - The 38th post was sent by Josue's account, but it was probably Charlie who actually sent it, as he is known to do the hackerman stuff. This post also revealed a plot in the comments to get Joey nominated for homecoming. This would fail.

September 17th of 2018 - The 39th post was sent by Sean Kavanagh as "Bone Bro". The "Sean Kavanagh" account that replied a couple days later was controled by Charlie and was not the real Sean. The YouTube link Sean sent was to his Bone Bro YouTube channel.

September 18th of 2018 - The 40th post was sent by Charlie as Silly Goose. The image was of a plastic water bottle filled with chocolate milk from the school cafeteria.

September 19th of 2018 - The 41st post was sent by Charlie as "Sean Kavanagh". The imposter plot continues.

September 19th of 2018 - The 42nd post was sent by Josue, and announced the Willemstan Remind.

September 19th of 2018 - The 43rd post was sent by Sean as Bone Bro. It was just a veggietales meme.

September 19th of 2018 - The 44th post was sent by Charlie as Willemstan Willemstan. It was a reminder to vote, which could suggest that the first election hadn't actually ended yet.

September 20th of 2018 - The 45th post was sent by Josue. This document ranked all of the Willemstan ranks from top to bottom. This system would be used for the Willemstan Discord Server and remained in place for some time.

September 20th of 2018 - The 46th post was sent by Josue, and instructed the students of the classroom to view a video on the Silly Goose channel.

September 20th of 2018 - The 47th post was sent by Josue's account, but was probably sent by Charlie. It depicted the first attack on the D1 school computers. Ironically, Sean's quote was made on the final month of the classroom era.

September 21st of 2018 - The 48th and 49th post was sent by Josue's account, but were probably sent by Charlie. They both depitected Willemstan Slavery, in which Charlie had a pile of rocks that needed to be moved, but made Parker F. do it instead.

September 24th of 2018 - The Willemstan Discord Server was founded by Eli Payton. Sean, Charlie, and other founding members joined on the same day.

September 24th of 2018 - The first announcement was made in #notifications on the Discord server. It was a link to the Willemstan Commandments.

September 24th of 2018 - The 50th post was sent by Eli, requesting that all members of the classroom join the new Willemstan Discord Server. He made another post on September 26th which was almost identical to this one.