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September 2019

This article was last updated on: November 21st of 2020

Era Discord Era
Period Political Drought Period
Dictator Annie Payton
Ongoing Events None
Year 2019
Preceded By August 2019
Succeeded By October 2019

"The people have spoken. I will now kill SuS and Gere."

- Charlie Nolan moments before shutting off the Discord bots, 09/13/19.


This month, the WHS Robotics Team was relentlessly sponsered by Charlie Nolan once again. The Comrades' Choice Franchise experienced significant debt this month, but managed to survive anyway. Comrades' Choice Volume VI was produced on September 4th of this month. Most signficiantly, the people of Willemstan voted to have the Discord bots taken offline, and so on September 13th, they were.


September 3rd of 2019 - It was announced by Charlie that the Comrades' Choice Franchise was in significant debt. Specifically, -$62.50 in debt. Charlie requested donations, as well as more purchases of Comrades' Choice volumes to relive the debt.

September 4th of 2019 - Charlie announced that the Comrades' Choice Franchise was no longer in debt, and announced that several volumes were now for sale. This included Volume III for $15, Volume IV for $10, and Volume V for $10. An upcomming Volume VI was also announced but was not yet completed.

September 4th of 2019 - Charlie completed Volume VI and was selling it for $10.

September 6th of 2019 - Charlie shared an image of the recruiting poster for the WHS Robotics Team.

September 13th of 2019 - Charlie sent out a poll regarding the SuS and Gere bots, asking if he should keep them online or just shut them down. Everyone voted to take the bots offline for a while.

September 13th of 2019 - All of the Discord bots by Charlie were taken offline.