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September 2021

This article was last updated on: October 1st of 2021

Era Discord Era
Period Purge Period
Dictator Ian Hampton
Ongoing Events Production of Ok2Say Propaganda: Remastered, 2021 Inventory Operation
Year 2021
Preceded By August of 2021
Succeeded By October of 2021

"I have successfully gotten back into the account through the password reset system. The original Willemstan Twitter has been deleted. Good riddance."

- Ian Hampton on the final end of the Willemstan Public Messages account, 09/03/21.

"Fucking hell Andrew please don't get caught. Charlie and I don't want to be down in Armour's office again because of you. We are literally the first people he would blame."

- Ian Hampton on Andrew and Malcolm's computer fuckery in the D1 lab, 09/28/21.


This month was rather eventful for Willemstan. Firstly, the Willemstan Twitter account was finally deleted, after being lost for over a year and causing much paranoia among the citizens. The 2021 Inventory Operation began and nearly concluded this month, which was an initiative by Ian Hampton to log everything left by school staff after the D2 and D4 classrooms were abandoned. Filming for the second installment of the Ok2Say Propaganda Franchise almost began, but it was derailed by Mr. Armour and Cody, who collectively forbade them from using the robotics room as a filming location. In other news relating to robotics, Cody convinced the IT Men to give the robotics team a school account with administrative privileges, so that the team was able to actually use the software they needed to use. This was a surprising twist, considering James Doyen & cronies spent the last several months being a major pain in the ass. Willemstan itself saw some new developments as well, with the launch of the Willemstan WhatsApp group, as well as the creation of several new server emojis from pictures of school staff. Malcolm and Andrew also began some computer shinangians in the school library, attracting mixed views from the citizens. WENIS was finally completed this month, although a total launch was still not ready.


September 3rd 2021 - The original Willemstan Public Messages was finally deleted. Ian regained access to the account by going through the "Forgot Password?" process, and promptly deleted it.

September 4th 2021 - Charlie initiated the first SHART test in months. The system worked just fine. Results were uploaded to Silly Goose as per usual.

September 7th 2021 - Thomas Meyer was appointed to Senior Strategist.

September 7th 2021 - The 2021 Inventory Operation began. Ian uploaded a video recovered from an old SD drive in the storage room to Silly Goose.

September 10th 2021 - Mr. Armour derailed the filming of the Ok2Say Propaganda: Remastered Project.

September 15th 2021 - An old YouTube channel belonging to Mr. Armour was discovered by Charlie. Joey and Ian quickly made memes using content found on the channel. One of the videos even featured an appearance from Mr. Gere. Another proved that Mr. Armour is proficient in ASL. The entire channel was archived to System IV by Ian that day.

September 18th 2021 - Comrades' Choice: Unlimited Edition was released. This was the first online and collaborative volume of Comrades' Choice.

September 20th 2021 - The more commonly used error articles were updated by Ian to be less hostile, in order to avoid antagonizing any potential staff members that stumble upon the website in the future.

September 20th 2021 - The articles on the first three System folders were uploaded back to System IV and the Willemstan Wiki.

September 21st 2021 - Cody denied access to the robotics room for the purposes of the Ok2Say Project after speaking with Mr. Armour. In Cody's words, this was because it wasn't for a "school assignment", and that "they can complete that outside the room".

September 24th 2021 - After Cody sent in a request, the IT Men agreed to drop the restrictions on the robotics computers by creating an account with "admin rights" for the team to use. Ian found it funny how they granted the team such permissions, despite their past history with the IT Men and abusing school computers. Charlie pointed it out how this may have been the only way to get the team what they wanted. Regardless, this development was very interesting.

September 26th 2021 - The channels #bottom-media and #math-and-science-academy were archived by Ian. #wiki-discussion was archived later that day, due to the channel being very inactive.

September 28th 2021 - The Willemstan WhatsApp group was created by Ian as an alternative means to communicate with fellow Willemstan members. This was due to the fact that Discord was finally blocked by the 2021 - 2022 school year, but WhatsApp was not. The advantage to the Willemstan Whatsapp group was that cellular data or a VPN was not needed to access it. Within the first day, Eli, Malcolm, Joey, Andrew, and Thomas joined.

September 29th 2021 - Ian rediscovered a conversation between Jacob and Malcolm back in September of 2020 regarding Mr. Armour in #bottom-media. It somewhat foreshadowed the second round of suspensions, and so Ian posted it in #notifications.