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September 2022

This article was last updated on: October 4th 2022

Era Discord Era
Period Post-Graduation Period
Dictator Izzy Beckhorn
Ongoing Events None
Year 2022
Preceded By August of 2022
Succeeded By October of 2022

"Wow this might be the worst fucking idea I have ever read."

- Joey Badra on Thomas Meyer's suggestion for Willemstan, 09/26/2022.


The release of Five Years of Willemstan was considered to be the end of the Purge Period in Willemstan. By this point, the Recovery from the March Incident had been mostly complete, though Willemstan remains mindful of what content is publicly available on Silly Goose and Willemstan.com. During this month, after several months of low activity, Dictator Izzy Beckhorn asked for suggestions from Willemstan members and began calling votes on each of them.


September 1st 2022 - Five Years of Willemstan was released.

September 13th 2022 - Charlie restarted the Willemstan Minecraft Server.

September 19th 2022 - Ian released the Dr. Delp vs. Mike Freeman video, originally recorded weeks earlier.

September 26th 2022 - Dictator Izzy Beckhorn's voting initiative began.

September 26th 2022 - Thomas Meyer was sent to the salt mines for submitting a "cringe" idea. He left the server in response.

September 27th 2022 - By Ian's suggestion, the Willemstan people voted in a narrow majority to disolve the multi-party system and make the C.U.M Party the one and only political party in Willemstan.

September 29th 2022 - Joey's proposal of disbanding the political aspects of Willemstan failed to gather majority support.