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The Spring Curse

IT Men Conspiracy

Questionable Activity

This article was last updated on: September 17th of 2022

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Mr. Armour approaching the computer used to host the Live Camera Feed on March 8th of 2021.


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The Spring Curse had plagued Willemstan from 2019 - 2021. This was a disturbing pattern in which Willemstan was negatively impacted every spring, usually by feuds with the IT Men. In the spring of 2019, System I was destroyed and the System Trio was prosecuted by Mr. Freeman. In the spring of 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic shut down Williamston High School, trapping the System IV computer in the school for months, where it was almost assimilated into the school network by the IT Men. In the spring of 2020, the Administration discovered Live Camera Feed: Season Two and severely punished Charlie Nolan, Ian Hampton, and Sean Kavanagh once again.

Fortunately, the Spring Curse finally came to an end when nothing bad happened to Willemstan during the spring of 2022.

2019 - Destruction of System I

Main article: System I

During the 2018-2019 school year, the System Trio was brought together through Spanish II. The three engaged in plenty of "computer fuckery" during that school year, but the greatest stunt was not prepared until the second semester. On March 11th of 2019, Charlie Nolan announced that a "hard drive filler executabIe program" was coming soon. This would become Consume 1.0. While initially slow, a better version known as "novell_auth" was soon developed. This was deployed by Sean, Charlie, and Ian in the Media Center and D1 Computer Lab. Countless computer casualties were inflicted, drawing the suspicion of the IT Men and Sra. Ide, the later of which reported Charlie, Ian, and Sean's activities to the administration. Over spring break, an investigation was launched, resulting in the destruction of System I. The loss of System I was a major loss at the time, but eventually a new "System folder" would be created and become much more popular and significant.

As for the perpetrators, their punishments were very light due to shoddy investigative work by the IT Men. Charlie and Ian were suspended from school for a single day, while Sean was infamously let off for being a "nice guy", according to Freeman.

2020 - Isolation of System IV

Main article: System IV

By the time of this incident, the System IV folder had grown far beyond the original purpose of the System folders in the span of only a few months. It became a full on server, for Willemstan's SuS and Other Discord Bots. The Mediapool folder and vast collection of pirated movies provided much entertainment for Willemstan. Battle-hardened by a major raid on the WHS Robotics Team in late 2019, the server had been extensively modified by Charlie to be "IT-man proof". Even the original Live Camera Feed was hosted on the System IV computer.

Unfortunately, this was all abruptly taken away from Willemstan on March 13th of 2020, when the school shut down due to COVID. This left the System IV computer alone in the robotics room. While it remained online, it was not directly accessible by members of Willemstan due to school wifi restrictions. In April of 2020, the System IV computer abruptly shut down, and Willemstan had no clue why. This prematurely ended the Live Camera Feed and lead to months of speculation. For the first time in almost a year, Willemstan was without SuS and other initiatives the citizens had grown to love.

Eventually, the System IV computer was recovered in July of 2020, under an operation called the 2020 Rescue Operation. All of the data on it was safe and sound, due to the IT-Men proof provisions. Over the course of six months, the features of System IV would be integrated back into Willemstan.

2021 - The March Incident

Main article: March Incident

In January of 2021, Charlie brought back the Live Camera Feed. This time, he had to use a school computer, as the benefits of having System IV hosted at his house weren't worth sacrificing. While the guitar amp used to blast sound throughout the d-hallway was initially at partial power due to faulty wiring, it was restored to full power in February. In events not unlike the tale of Icarus, Ian blasted sound effects in the school a bit too often in late February. This prompted several staff members to pay a visit to the robotics room, where they found the guitar amp. With the help of Cody, Charlie managed to smuggle the guitar amp out of the school before the school could seize it.

Shortly after this incident, Charlie decided to resume Live Camera Feed: Season Two, instead of retiring the project for good. This decision was supported by Sean, but not by Ian. The Live Camera Feed resumed broadcasting in March of 2021, but without the guitar amp. On March 8th of 2021, the high school administration discovered the Live Camera Feed live-stream through an unknown informant. They also found the Silly Goose YouTube Channel and the Willemstan Website. This second prosecution, known as the "March Incident", was much more severe than the first. Any and all videos on Silly Goose featuring WHS were set to private, most of which were culturally significant to Willemstan. 25 articles of the Willemstan Wiki were forced out of the Willemstan public's view, including some of the best articles. Charlie and Ian were suspended from school once again, and even Sean was punished this time.

To this day, Willemstan has not fully recovered from this incident.

End of the Spring Curse

While Charlie and Ian have vowed to stop doing any sort of computer fuckery at the school following the March Incident, there was speculation the Spring Curse would continue in 2022 anyway. The following list was a collection of predictions for the spring of 2022, made by several Willemstan citizens. Some of these were made as a joke while others were legitimate concerns.

A prediction made by Sean Kavanagh during an interview for the Willemstan Wiki.

Yet, much to our surprise, the spring of 2022 came and went with no negative incident to Willemstan. As a result, the Spring Curse was declared over. Furthermore, with the graduation of Willemstan's senior members at the end of the 2021 - 2022 school year, Willemstan is now mostly outside the jurisdiction of the WCS Administration.