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The Squirrelism Psyop

This article was last updated on: November 3rd 2022

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Discussion of Amity in Willemstan long after her ban from both servers.

"Amity was an Willemstan plant to destabilize Squirrelism. There I said it folks."

- Ian Hampton confessing the true nature of Amity, 11/03/22


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Amity, also known as "The Queer Arsonist" on Discord, was a user that first joined Squirrelism in 2020 and later joined Willemstan, though was very inactive. Little did members of Squirrelism know, Amity was actually part of a psyop operation conducted by an inner circle in the Willemstan Government. The goal was to destabilize Squirrelism as a prelude to invasion, although the invasion was later canceled due to government instability. The Amity Discord account was created back in 2018, with the original username being "Nanako". Did you really think it was a coincidence that one of Amity's first meaningful conversations in Willemstan was an argument between her and Devin?

Most in Willemstan have heard vaguely of Amity's shinangians. To others, having never talked to Amity directly, she is merely a legend. Hopefully this article will put the rumors to rest.

Beginnings of Amity

The Amity account was actually the former Nanako account, which had been placed in retirement after [redacted] in 2018. The former list of fanfictions used to create the Nanako personality was recovered by Devin A. Combined with archived Tumblr threads, this created Amity's degenerate fascinations. Some claim to have seen Amity in person, and indeed they did, as the remotely accessible robot Williamston Community Schools purchased back in 2019 for sick students to use was commandeered by Willemstan operatives for the Amity operation. The robot was in storage at the Rowley Road property, making it very easy to steal.

Amity was deployed in Squirrelism on September 14th of 2020. Amity was also allowed into Willemstan as a cover-up.

Impact of Exposure to Amity

The affects of being around Amity have been long debated in both Willemstan and Squirrelism. Some theorize that there is a "lethal limit on Amity exposure", and that spending too much time around Amity has the potential to drive one insane. The general prognosis of talking to Amity is general frustration, followed by being gas-lit into interacting with her again. As such, it took a long time for Squirrelism to rid themselves of Amity.

Removal of Amity

Eventually, Amity was removed from Squirrelism near the end of 2021 after much drama. The operation was a success. Unfortunately, Willemstan never capitalized on Squirrelism's instability, due to internal power struggles in Willemstan, as well as the fact that a few members of Willemstan had already been soft banned from Squirrelism (as denoted by the "Banned from Squirrelism" role).