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Staff YouTube Channels

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This article was last updated on: December 29th of 2021

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Mr. Weber singing a Christmas song in one of his videos, titled "Merry Christmas". He is holding a bird stuffie, which is the IHM mascot.

"All I want for Christmassssss isssssss the normal probability plot song"

- Izzy Beckhorn waiting for Mr. Herek to show the "Normal Probability Plot" parody song in class, 12/13/2021.


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While Willemstan has its own YouTube channel, many staff members at Williamston Community Schools have created a YouTube channels of their own as well. They feature mostly academic content, but some of the videos they've made are actually really hilarious, even if they aren't intended to be. This article lists all known staff YouTube channels, by order of discovery.

Mr. Gere's YouTube Channel

Link: a person

See also: Mr. Gere

Mr. Johnathan Gere's YouTube channel was created on June 19th of 2013. There used to be tons of content going back as far as 8 years. Most of it was art related, but there was one random video tutorial on using your school email. Shortly after the March Incident, almost all of the videos were set to private, or possibly deleted. The channel, which was called "Johnathan Gere", was renamed to "a person".

Mr. Weber's YouTube Channel

Link: Pat Weber

See also: Mr. Weber

Mr. Weber's YouTube channel was created on October 10th of 2011. It is named "Pat Weber". He uploads almost all of his videos unlisted, but you can view many of them on his weebly website. All of his videos were filmed at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, the school in which he is currently the principal of. They're mostly announcement videos about random things, and are usually edited with iMovie. It's possible there are older videos featuring Williamston, but we have no way to find that out.

Other Media Appearances

On August 7th of 2021, there was an advertising of Mr. Weber's school played on local TV. Mr. Weber was featured in the video.

Mr. Herek's YouTube Channel

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Link: Raymond Herek

See also: Mr. Herek

Mr. Herek's YouTube channel was created on June 3rd of 2015. It is named "Raymond Herek". Almost all of the videos are of Mr. Herek going through notes and worksheets for his AP Stats and Algebra II classes. He recycled some of these videos during the the 2020 - 2021 school year, in which classes were held online throughout the entire school year. It is unknown why he started uploading to YouTube in the years prior to that school year. In addition to these videos, Mr. Herek as a trilogy of parody songs for his AP Stats. These are "Coefficient of Determination definition", "Standard deviation definition", and "Normal Probability Plot script". The latter of which has become a meme in Willemstan. The only non-academic video present on his channel is called "wheel", which is a clip of him competing in Wheel of Fortune and winning big bucks.

Other Media Appearances

Mr. Herek competed in Wheel of Fortune on television. The episode he was in is Season 25 Episode 63, called "Wheel Across America 3".

Mr. Armour's YouTube Channel

Link: Christopher Armour

See also: Mr. Armour

Mr. Armour's YouTube channel was created on November 9th of 2011. It is named "Christopher Armour". He has used the channel to upload videos required for his degree at MSU. These include videos on sign language, social networking, and even a webinar featuring other WCS staff members. He is/was a part of a group called the "Flying Sharks", who are grad students with a master degree in Educational Technologies at MSU. Mr. Gere is a confirmed member of the Flying Sharks.