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System I

Current Status: Deleted

Fund Appropriation

IT Men Conspiracy

This article was last updated on October 23rd of 2020.

Image at the top of the screen.

The Windows 8 settings icon. This symbolizes System's attempt to appear like an essential function of the HS Student Shared.

"So we have a problem: they busted us."

- Charlie Nolan on the destruction of System I, 04/08/19.


System I was created in the HS Student Shared on August 28th of 2018. The System Folder was hidden in plain sight, its only method of defense was that it was named "System", so that it would look important enough to deter students and teachers from opening it. Eventually, the file was hidden from view from other students by modifying its permissions, which made it more secure as it could only be accessed via a shortcut from that point on. However, System became less and less secure over time, as several Willemstan citizens who were not the three founders of System had their hands on the shortcut. Also, some of the school computers had their permissions set up wrong, which revealed hidden files. The goal of System I was to serve as a dumping ground for viruses, programs, homemade viruses, pirated movies, Anti-Delp Propaganda, cursed images, and .bat files. It also served as a testing ground for researching ways to get around the restrictions set up by the IT Men.

Founders of System

Charlie Nolan - Created the folder.

Sean Kavanagh - Contributed to the folder.

Ian Hampton - Contributed to the folder.


The exact size of System I is unknown, but it was estimated to be between 1-3 gigabytes in size. As much of the contents were lost in it's destruction, memory of the files lost has faded over time. We do not remember what we have lost. As a result, here is an incomplete list of its contents:

Discovery and Destruction by the IT Men

On April 8th of 2019, System I was deleted by the IT Men over Spring Break. Charlie and Ian were suspended for a single day as punishment, with Sean let off for being a "nice guy". However, the folder was not the main reason for the suspention, it was just a casualty. The malicious activity in Mrs. Baldwin's classroom, as well as the error message from "Novell_Auth" were the main reasons for the suspention. It was at this point that the IT Men established themselves as the main antagonists of Willemstan.

However, the IT Men failed on a couple things. Most notably, they failed to find "System Backup", which was buried deep in some poor teacher's lesson plans on the HS Student Shared. System Backup was the seed for what would become System II. They also failed to make a connection between Novell Auth and the ongoing bricking of over half a dozen school computers, and thus Charlie and Ian were left off easy.

The message sent by Charlie, intended to be a warning for Ian and Sean.

In hindsight, some of the information from the warning is/was inaccurate. There were more than two IT Men working at the school at the time, as the higher up IT Men such as Jeff Cassin were employed. Liz ended up leaving later. The cameras weren't the only tool used to identify the perpetrators, as a couple teachers also reported their suspecious activies.

Charlie Nolan's Suspention Notice

This was the suspention notice given to Charlie's parents on April 8th of 2019. It was discarded in the trash, but Charlie later salvaged it. The document was rediscovered in October of 2020 and was uploaded to the wiki. There are a couple things you can get out of this document. First, it describes the two charges against Charlie: "Designed a program that would ignite profanity when new user signed in" and "Technology misuse"

Secondly, on the bottom you can see the paraphrased confession and a summary of what Mr. Freeman discussed with Charlie. This includes "We discussed what he could do. Get on the side of the Tech guys." This was further reinforcement to the reoccurring gimmick of the administration wanting Charlie to join the IT Men and use his talent for good.