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System II

Current Status: Unknown

Fund Appropriation

This article was last updated on September 20th of 2021

System II image

An empty windows folder, symbolizing the irreversable loss of most of System I's original contents.

"We should probably avoid doing anything large until senior year."

- Sean Kavanagh sometime after the destruction of System I, 04/29/19. This quote did not age well.


System II was created in April of 2019. The folder for System II was actually created way before the actual discovery and destruction of System I by the IT Men/ A month or so before System I was deleted, an effort began to copy the contents to another place in the Student Shared. The concern was that System was too easy to discover, as it was on the front page of the shared folder. The idea of naming it "System" to avoid suspicion could only work for so long. A new file was created, named "System Backup", a few folders deep in some random teacher's lesson plans. It's parent folder is called "Module 05". However, the copying process was taking way longer than a single class period, so the process was aborted, leaving it only partially complete. When System I was deleted, "System Backup" was renamed to "System II", becoming the replacement for the original System folder. It is important to note that System II did not receive much use because of paranoia at the time.


Due to the fact that the copying of System I was aborted, it is estimated that only 1/10th - 3/10ths of the contents of System I survived. It became the mission of the creators of System I to begin filling System II with random images, virus, and programs, in effort to bring System II to a total file size equal to System I. However, at its peak, System II was estimated to be only 300-500 megabytes.

System II Info.txt

A text file remains in System II to explain what it is:

A screenshot of the System II Info.txt file.

It is worth noting that the last bullet point is completely false, the file ownership does not change upon adding files to a folder. Despite how unsuprising a permissions flaw like that would be, considering the age of the HS Student Shared and the incompetent IT Men, this was simply a misconception.


Shortly after System II was established, it became apparent that having the System folder on the High School Student Shared was still a terrible idea, as it was only a matter of time before the IT Men found it. As a result, System II was abandoned on May 21st of 2019, with the only other visit being on May 24th of 2019 to copy its contents over to System III and erase everything left behind. This makes System II the only System folder deleted by its creators instead of the IT Men. Due to the fact that you cannot actually delete files in the Student Shared, all files were edited with notepad and erased that way. The only files left intact were "System II Info.txt", an image of Dr. Delp, and the picture of Mr. Freeman holding a gun. From April of 2019 to the Summer of 2020, the folder was undetected and never found by the IT Men. However, following the removal of all novell systems from the school network, the current status of System II became unknown. We originally suspected that it was deleted alongside the entire shared folder, but we later discovered that all of the files are actually still around, just hidden. As a result, System II could still very well be around to this day.