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System III

Current Status: Abandoned

This article was last updated on October 11th of 2020.

Unofficial System III logo

An unofficial logo for System III.

"I got contact info for Head IT Man and I will soon contact him about the possibility of employment."

- Charlie Nolan regarding the offer he recived to join the IT Men instead of breaking shit, 08/29/19.


System III was created on May 22nd of 2019 as a Google Drive folder, but the uploading of the files from System II did not occur until May 24th of 2019. It was created on a throwaway gmail, dedicating the 15 gigabytes of free storage towards it. System II was erased after it's files were transfered to the new System III folder. This marks the first time the System folder existed outside of the HS Student Shared. This move took place because the creators of System I & II feared the IT Men would find System II and suspend them again. Not to mention, that if System II was destroyed, the rest of the original System Folder would have been destroyed as well, so System III would have had to start from scratch. The major downside of using System III is that you can't run any programs or applications in it. The only thing that can be opened are images and videos. If you wanted to run something, you would have to download it back onto the school computer, which sort of defeated the purpose of having it off the Student Shared in the first place. While System III was in use, the mission to increase the file's size to what the original System Folder's was continued. The original plan was to move System II to the Willemstan File Service, and create System III there, but the development of a WFS program was taking way longer than expected.


During System III's lifespan, many new files were added to it, most notably the "Spanish II Project". System III reached a total size of 1.15 gigabytes, far surpassing System II. Since the file size of System I is estimated to be as low as a single gigabyte, you could consider System III's goal completed. Here is a list of it's contents:


System III was in use for the rest of 2018-2019 school year, as well as a part of the first semester of the 2019-2020 school year. It was replaced by System IV when it was finally launched on October 9th of 2019. Despite the transfer, System III still exists in its entirety, but it is no longer used. As a result, you could consider System III a backup of sorts. It is unlikely that System III will ever be deleted, as the importance of having a backup was learned the hard way. However, System III had gained some temporary use in the form of research for the Willemstan Wiki.

An image of System III.

This is a picture of the System III folder in Google Drive, showing some of its contents. You should recognize many of the files in this image.