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The System Group Chat

Currently Known as the System IV Group Chat

Questionable Activity

This article was last updated on: June 10th of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

The infamous warning sent out to the group chat by Charlie Nolan, regarding the destruction of System I.

"The Ide is growing suspicious. We must be careful."

- Ian Hampton on the deployment of Consume, not knowing that their activity was already reported to the administration, 03/28/19.


Side Image

The System Group Chat was created on Discord in March 8th of 2019 by Ian Hampton, after he, Charlie, and Sean had been doing all sorts of computer fuckery during the first semester of freshman year. Prior to freshman year, Charlie and Ian did not know each other at all. The three system founders were brought together during Sra. Ide's Spanish II class, which they all had together by chance. The group chat was originally known as just "System", but the name was changed each time a new System folder was developed. The group chat has always composed of Charlie, Ian, and Sean, and will remain that way until the end of time. The group chat is currently titled and referred to as the "System IV Group Chat". It has been the forefront for planning Willemstan related stunts and computer fuckery for years.

The very first pictures sent in the System chat were of the infamous Cruton Computer, which was horribly defaced on March 8th of 2019. Aside from stupid computer shinangians, the chat is used to send random memes, talk about Chris Chan, talk about Willemstan, and to plan UOS livestreams and other gatherings. While its members were still enrolled in Spanish classes, it was used to share answers, but eventually another group chat was made for Spanish-related content which included Camden Hartman. This article is a summarized log of the System IV group chat, for more information on the events that are described in this article, you should visit those individual articles.


System I

Main article: System I

On March 11th of 2019, Charlie Nolan announced that a "hard drive fiIIer executabIe program" was coming soon. This would become Consume 1.0. From March 17th - March 18th, many tests of the program were shared in the group chat. Many moodle answers for Spanish were also exchanged during this time period.

System II

Main article: System II

On March 27th of 2019, the group chat was renamed to "System II", in light of the disappearance of System I. We did not know that our operation was compromised until April 8th. Ian rightly suspected that the deletion of System I had something to do with Novell Auth, the second version of the Consume virus. However, at the time, our consensus was that the IT Men found System I, deleted it because it was full of viruses, and than just moved on their with their day. In the meantime, we focused on building up System II and spreading Novell Auth around as much as possible. There was also a plan to try and get Charlie's various files off of the Middle School Student Shared, but this never came to be. On March 28th, a computer with a Willemstan wallpaper was discovered by a couple Williamston students, making it one of the first first-contact incidents with Willemstan and the rest of the student body.

On April 8th, as many of you know, the unthinkable happened. Charlie, Ian, and Sean were prosecuted by the administration for the Novell Auth virus and System I. In short, they caught the trio only for the profane error messages that Novell Auth left behind, and not the hard drive filling. Charlie was suspended, but received an invitation to join the IT workforce from Mr. Freeman. Ian was suspended as well, but Sean was let off the hook for being a "nice guy". Charlie had to leave the group chat for 15 days due to pressure from parentoids. On April 29th, it was proposed by Ian to concentrate on rebuilding System, and to lay low for the rest of the year. Sean was infamously quoted saying "We should probably avoid doing anything large until senior year", which did not age very well.

During this period of laying low, Charlie focused on developing the Willemstan File Service. On May 18th, Ian suggested corrupting the pirated movies in System II in order to prevent the IT Men from bringing up piracy charges. This was accomplished by opening the videos in notepad and adding extra characters at the end of the file. On May 21st, Ian suggested moving System II to the Willemstan File Service and upgrading the service to an interface similar to the HS Student Shared. That way, the school wouldn't be able to punish the trio since they would no longer be using school software. However, on May 22nd, Ian created a Google Drive folder dedicated to backing up System II before the move to the Willemstan File Service. The file transfer occurred on May 24th.

Right on the money, unfortunately.

System III

Main article: System III

The group chat was renamed to "System III" on May 28th of 2019. Around this time, System II was corrupted by Ian and Sean, in order to erase most traces of the content on it. Thus, the Google Drive folder was designated as System III, and the move off of the HS Student Shared was completed. On May 31st, Charlie asked Ian & Sean, members of the electoral committee of Willemstan at the time, to rig the vote in favor of Annie Payton over Joey Badra. On June 16th, Charlie shared the BestOfBenKruger.wav file, which was quickly uploaded to System III. On September 9th, Ian found the audiobooks for the entirety of Lord of the Flies off of the HS Student Shared, and uploaded them to System III. On October 9th, CHarlie announced that System IV was now online and ready to go.

System IV

Main article: System IV

On October 16th of 2019, the group chat was renamed to "System IV", after it was confirmed that System IV was indeed functional. The cryptocurrency mine in the robotics room was ongoing during this time, and was briefly discussed. On November 8th, Charlie announced plans to put a physical padlock on the System IV server to prevent IT Man theft. Upgrades were completed two days later. On November 20th, Ian shared the infamous video of Ben Kruger running around his home shirtless, which quickly circulated among Willemstan members.

On January 7th of 2020, Charlie asked Ian & Sean if they were doing a movie for the Spanish III final project. After some discussion, Charlie was able to join their group, despite being in different hours. This project was known as Ok2Say Propaganda. On January 10th, Ian showed a picture of System IV's mediapool folder, which had now hit 50 gigabytes. On January 27th, Ian sent a list of songs that would be funny to blare in the school through the Live Camera Feed, which had recently begun at the time. On February 5th, Charlie discovered that the WHS Daily Announcement videos were stored on the HS Student Shared. On February 28th, the Unexplained Ethernet Shutoff Incident occurred. On March 10th, there was a false alarm. It was briefly suspected that System II was finally deleted by the IT Men, almost a year after it was abandoned. However, that turned out not to be the case, System II remained intact after all.

Messages sent during the Unexplained Ethernet Shutoff incident.

Willemstan Wiki

Main article: Willemstan Website

On March 24th of 2020, Ian announced the Willemstan Wiki in the System IV group chat, and asked for Sean and Charlie's help in developing it. It was initially created in a Google Document to be transfered over at a later date, but this did not last long. The transfer to an actual HTML-based system happened a lot quicker than expected. On March 28th, while doing research for the Willemstan Wiki, Ian discovered the true amount of IT Men in the district. However, on March 30th, Ian's hard drive died, temporarily halting progress on the wiki. On April 2nd, Ian obtained a new solid state drive, allowing him to continue developing the Willemstan Wiki. On April 8th, Charlie, Ian, and Sean began to suspect that the IT Men had blocked the Silly Goose Channel, as for whatever reason Charlie needed to use a VPN to resume the Live Camera Feed. That situation was never fully explored. On March 16th, Ian obtained government records for Williamston Community Schools and countless other districts, which revealed how count day funding actually works. The first version of the Willemstan Wiki was launched on April 17th of 2020, but unfortunately the Live Camera Feed shut down the very next day.

Today, the System IV chat remains a place for Charlie, Ian, and Sean to discuss stuff about the Willemstan Wiki and System IV. However, during Sean's Second Dictatorship in the first half of 2021, a new section was created in the Willemstan Discord Server just for talking about and developing the wiki.

Willemstan Flags

Main article: Willemstan Flag

In October of 2020, some of the planning regarding the purchase of official Willemstan flags took place in the System IV group chat. Charlie shared with Ian and Sean the total cost of the flags, as well as many pictures of them.

Charlie sharing the total cost of the Willemstan flags in the group chat.

March Incident

Main article: March Incident

In an event that uncomfortable mirrored the events of the Consume saga, Charlie broke the news to the group chat that Mr. Armour and the administration had discovered the Silly Goose YouTube Channel, Willemstan Wiki, and Live Camera Feed: Season Two on March 9th of 2021. Panic ensued, along with desperate damage control, as each member of the System IV trio was summoned into a Google Meet call with Mr. Armour one at a time.