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The H Gang

This article was last updated on: February 13th 2022

Image at the top of the screen.

Malcolm and the Gere bot praising the H Cult.

"We need to stop these gang wars. We need to stop these factions. We need to unite and become one again. We need to be Willemstan."

- Andrew Batten in his Winter 2019 Election campaign video, 12/12/2019.

"Ancient Willemstan lore. Before my time."

- Ian Hampton on the H Gang, 11/09/2021.


The "H Gang" arose sometime during 2019. Lead by Andrew Batten and Malcolm Hollingworth, members of the H Gang were known for changing their nickname to "H" and occasionally spamming the letter "H" in Willemstan Discord Server channels, usually in lowercase form. The gang never declared any demands from the government, it existed because it wanted to. A rival faction, the "B Gang", arose at one point in 2019 an opposition to the H Gang. Known members of the B Gang were Joey Badra and Andrew Meyer. At one point, Andrew Batten attempted to rebrand the H Gang to the "h for hat gang", promoting that people should wear hats. That movement did not gain much traction.

Due to the Willemstan 1.1 and the fact that the H Gang was mostly a pre-Wiki event, most of the details have been lost to time. However, many of the active members in Willemstan were a member of either the H or B gang. The movement peaked in late 2019, and the gangs were mentioned in Andrew Batten's campaign video for the Winter 2019 Election. He refered to the situation as "gang wars", and called for an end to the division. In the months that followed that election, the influence of the gangs sharply declined. For most of 2020 and 2021, Andrew Batten was the sole member of the H Gang. In November of 2021, the H Gang began to gain momentum once again.

Return of the H

On November 9th of 2021, Ian Hampton asked Eli, Charlie, Malcolm, and Andrew Batten about the H Gang. He wanted to gather information on it for the Willemstan Wiki. And while information was provided, a secondary consequence occured. The subsequent discussion resulted in a ressurection of the H Gang, in which a few older members of Willemstan and even some new ones adopted the H nickname once again. The H Gang was accidentially reborn.

As of February 2022, current members are Andrew Batten, Malcolm Hollingworth, Michael Lockheart, and Ty Keesler.