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The Revolution

This article was last updated on: February 20th 2022

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Second Opinion

Image at the top of the screen.

Dictator Izzy Beckhorn's response to The Revolution in #notifications.

"This is the put Ian back in power group."

- Collin Key's first message in The Revolution group chat, 01/11/2022.

"I'm one for one. I'm keeping it that way."

- Eli Payton on his choice not to participate in The Revolution, 01/11/2022.


Side Image

The Revolution was an extremist group founded on January 11th 2022 by Collin Key. The revolutionaries were displeased with Izzy and Alexandra's rule, and wished to put Ian Hampton back in power to replace them. A group dm called "The Revolution" was created on the morning of January 3rd, but a few hours later, a server called "Revolutionary Camp" was made to accomidate new members. However, their plot was soon uncovered due to Thomas Meyer, who leaked intel to the Dictators and the Willemstan Government. After their organization was revealed on the same afternoon in which it was founded, the movement quickly collapsed.

Due to the recency of this event, some details are currently classified by the government.

Reasons for Revolution

The revolutionaries had a number of grievances against the current administration. The new Social Credit System in Willemstan, implemented earlier that month, was chief among them. They were displeased with how censored words were not public knowledge, and claimed the new system took things too far. "They use Charlie as their fuckin executioner." At the time of the revolution, Thomas Meyer and Collin were serving a sentence in the Willemstan Salt Mine due to the Social Credit System. Thomas stated that he was unhappy with his demotion from Senior Strategist, but as you will later read, his word couldn't exactly be trusted.


These are all of the people that joined either The Revolution group chat or server. It is worth noting that many of these people were randomly invited, and never actually stated that they wanted to be a part of the revolution.


Side Image

Most members of The Revolution wanted to talk with Charlie Nolan and attempt to sway him to their cause. The goal being that Charlie has high-level permissions and control of the SuS bot, and thus was the only one who could actually overthrow the Dictators by sending them to the salt mines. After it was realized that the Dictators can't be contained in the salt mines, plans changed. The new plan was to stage a protest, and attempt to crash the SuS bot by having all revolutionaries spam words that would lower their social score. The civil disobedience was set to begin at 3:30pm local time, but they would never get the chance.

January 11th 2022 - Exposure and Collapse

Unbeknownst to the rebels, Thomas Meyer was actually a mole on behalf of the current administration. He had been supplying screenshots and intel to the Dictators throughout the entire day. In exchange for this, he was promised "a reward" which was never fully determined. Due to Thomas's actions, the administration knew exactly what was coming.

At 1:59pm, Dictator Izzy Beckhorn made an announcement in #notifications exposing the revolution. Using a screenshot provided by Thomas, most members of The Revolution were exposed on the spot. Throughout the day, she proceeded to compare revolutionaries to furries, making several propaganda images.

Following their exposure, The Revolution quickly collapsed. Three members of The Revolution left the group dm immediately, with a fourth, Andrew Meyer, left after taking a quick moment to rename the group to: "The failed revolution". Discussion quickly began on who the mole was, and it was quickly determined to be Thomas due to his accusatory behavior in the group chat, and the nature of the screenshot. The Discord server for The Revolution was quickly vacated, only Collin and Ty were left after a few hours.

That evening, Collin came forward in the Willemstan Discord Server and admitted total responsibility for The Revolution. Shortly afterwords, Izzy declared that none of the revolutionaries would be punished for their plot, because "the utter shame is enough." During 6th hour at Williamston High School, Eli Payton talked to Ian about the situation. He pointed out how the screenshot in #notifications could have been easily faked by starting a random group dm and grabbing a quick screenshot. He also jokingly mentioned why he didn't join The Revolution, saying he was already "one for one" with the government, and so he had nothing to prove.

With most of its members gone and the organization publicly exposed, The Revolution is presumed disbanded.

Image at the top of the screen.

Some of the last messages in The Revolution group chat.

Collin Key Interview

This interview was conducted on January 31st of 2022 between Ian Hampton and Collin Key.

Ian: What motivated you to start the revolution?

Collin: Me and a semi-big group of people believed that the dictators had made stupid rules and wanted to get rid of them.

Ian: Which rules did you disapprove of?

Collin: The forbidden words and social credit system.

Ian: Do you think the Dictators will consider removing the social credit system after all that has happened this month?

Collin: Probably not.

Ian: Why do you disapprove of the social credit system?

Collin: It's a stupid way to keep people in check.

Ian: Do you disapprove of the other oppression systems in Willemstan such as the Salt Mines?

Collin: No I believe those work pretty well for people that disobey the rules.

Ian: As one of the revolution goals, you wanted to put me back in power. Why not seize power for yourself or someone else?

Collin: You were a good ruler compared to the current ones.

Ian: Are you surprised members of the revolution weren't really punished by the Dictators?

Collin: Yes.

Ian: What's the current status of the revolution? Has it been disbanded? Is the revolutionary camp server still around?

Collin: It was disbanded as soon as we got told on. Everyone left out of fear of punishment.

Izzy Beckhorn Interview

This interview was conducted on February 14th of 2022 between Ian Hampton and Izzy Beckhorn.

Ian: Are you surprised there was an attempted "revolution" against your and Alexandra's leadership?

Izzy: Personally, I'm not. You were a good dictator and our only real competition was a large amount of freshies backing behind Kendal. I really wouldn't even call that a revolution, they didn't even realize that they can't just take our roles using Charlie or you. The furry revolution was obsolete before it even began.

Ian: What made you decide to publicly expose them?

Izzy: Nothing works better than humiliation, especially after being exposed by an insider. They will never forget this.

Ian: Do you think there will be any more revolts during your dictatorship? Could one even succeed without a backdoor like SuS Premium?

Izzy: There could be, it would be hilarious if there was. I'll call them the Twitter cancellers and create my propaganda against them. I don't think one could succeed, and if it did, cool.

Ian: Do you think the revolutionaries had any legitimate grievances or did they have no right to oppose the elected government?

Izzy: It was kind of deserved in the way we just dropped the blacklist on them without any knowledge of what words would send them straight to the mines. Some of them really had no right. They had failed us first, not the other way around.

Ian: So now that the revolts and instability are hopefully behind you, what plans do you and Alexandra have for Willemstan?

Izzy: I've thought a lot about putting more effort into gaming events, creating competitions, listening to the citizens, maybe even more weekly voting if we can come up with interesting questions. As for Alexandra you'll have to ask her.