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The Willemstan Commandments

This article was last updated on February 21st of 2021.

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The logo of the Willemstan Industrial Union.



The Willemstan Commandments were the first longstanding governing legislation for Willemstan. Drafted on March 7th of 2018, the document remained in power for an impressive 790 days, until it was replaced on May 5th of 2020. It had been in power during both the Google Classroom Era and the Discord Era. During its lifetime, the document recived constant changes known as "legislation", which were new laws produced by the current Dictator. It is worth noting that throughout Willemstan's history, parts of it were forgotten about, which lead to all sorts of inconsistencies and de-facto practicies. The Willemstan Commandments no longer have any legal standing in Willemstan, as they were replaced by the Willemstan Amendments.

Commentary and Clarifications

The commandments begin with the statement "this document is constantly evolving and may change without notifying the citizens." This was just one example of the corruption ingrained in Willemstani society, especially regarding the all-powerful Dictator. The section section "Ranks" talks about a ranking system, which was actually first created during the classroom era but was carried over to Discord after the Move to Discord. The prosecution process was generally never used, instead citizens were demoted to "capitalist scum" on the whims of more powerful members. Rank promotions were given out in a similar way. Overtime, both of these practices would fall out of use. Eli Payton's monthly traditions were passed during his first Dictatorship and ended up lasting throughout 2019 and early 2020. He passed the most legislation on this document. "Alexander Sile" is not a real person, and was a fake name used by a russian credit card created by Charlie Nolan. The name has sense been used from time to time in other Willemstani stunts, even though the credit card has long expired. The document does not state this as a fact, but the Alexander Sile card did indeed expire on March 1st of 2019. Eli's commandments also helped solidify the election process in some form. Wolfenstan was a rebel nation created in 2019 by former members of Willemstan. It is spelled incorrectly in the Willemstan Commandments. Tax Collection was held annually for a time, but it slowly fell out of use. The only financial manager was Charlie Nolan. The "elitist committee" were members of Willemstan with high rank, but their power slowly shrunk overtime as the senior strategists (a high ranking Willemstan role) were systematically removed from power. The "electoral committee" was supposed to suprervise elections, but it was quickly forgotten about and unofficially stripped of its power. Ian Hampton, Sean Kavanagh, and Charlie Nolan served on the committee, other members are unknown. In reality, elections were very corrupt and all "supervision" was a facade at best.


The rest of this article is an exact transcript of the Willemstan Commandments in their final version. The spelling mistakes were carried over. The formatting is the same as the document.


The following is a collection of generally superior rules, commandments, for Willemstan, like a constitution. All must be followed. If there are any inspecifities or other questionable areas, no making assumptions. Ask the dictator and if not available, talk to the General or founders.

This document is constantly evolving and may change without notifying the citizens.


Ranks are decided when applying for citizenship. Some elitists can be unranked when citizens, within possibly classified reasons by the government. To prosecute a resident with a higher or sometimes equal ranking, a resident must either have highly verifiable evidence, from a recognized, safe source, a eligible supporter with the same or a higher rank, an eligible mass of lower ranking supporters, governmental agreeance, or a higher rank. If none of those are true, or the government does not see their reasons fit, they will have lost the battle, and if provoking, may be silenced, or righted, in another way seen fit, by verifiable superiors. Unranked individuals generally operate as governors (within the power balance system) but more independant and self-operating. Their decisions can be countered by governmental majorities, governors with valid reasons, or anyone ranking above governors.

Demotions and promotions can be carried out only with a ⅔ majority of the elitist committee approving the rank changes, or approval from the dictator or general. Dictators and generals can carry out instant promotions and rank changes for all ranks below General, regardless of their job or intention.

Arrestment and Prosecution Procedures

Arrests can be carried out by any officials authorized to do so, whether it be specific, or in their general agreements for their position in the community. They will if they are put up to it by a verifiable official with these rights, also, as long as that official does not aggravate the process. Depending on ranks or other specifications, some may be eligible involuntarily, or some may be working on arrestments on a voluntary basis. Arrests may be carried out by superiors, within governmental agreeance. The official governmental body carries the highest authority in these matters, gaining them the deserved superior power. This prevents citizens uprising and destroying the very government body that grants their satisfiable well being. Indirect residents can carry out arrests from the government, for ideas producing an unnecessary uprising. Arrests must have the final point of maintaining all order.

Prosecuting can be overwritten by superior officials, within verifiable meaning.

Media Regulations

Not all matters within the government must be published, and leakers may or will be punished, to what is deemed as necessary, based on the severity of unjust infiltration. Any media products made by the Willemstan Industrial Union have most likely have been funded and screened by the government.

Eli Payton’s Legislation

Eli’s challenge annual schedule:

If you do not comply to these traditions, you have a choice between losing rank or being forever prohibited for gaining a rank higher than Commander.

EXPIRATION DAY: March 1st, 2019. This is the day when the Alexander Sile Russian credit card used to sign up for fake accounts expires. This will be a celebration of Willemstani culture and a tax collection day. Everyone is expected to donate at least $2.

As of 3rd February 2019, any advertising that has not been authorized by the dictator or produced by the Willemstan Industrial Union is strictly prohibited and is punishable by demotion within authorization by the dictator.

April 20th: The day when all Dictatorial candidates will announce their running, gather funds, and work on their campaigns.

“If Malcolm says one more bad word I’m gonna hecking ban him from the discord.” Less than 10 minutes later he was sent to a torture chamber and never heard from again. About an hour later he was readmitted to Willemstan because of winning a match in an Algebra tournament but may be demoted due to an investigation into his illegal actions. He was again banned at noon. The process of readmission and banning was redone over and over until he was forgiven.

All communication will be monitored and possibly modified, unless given explicit permission otherwise.

If you join Malcolm’s Willemstan server and are active you will be prosecuted, or if you join Nick’s Wolfemstan, you will be prostituted.

Joseph Badra’s Legislation

-Under no circumstances is Devin Abood ever allowed in anything involving Willemstan. Future legislation has removed this rule

Sean Kavanagh’s Legislation:

Tax Collection

There will be a fee to all participators of Willemstan, which will occur on an interval basis, of an amount that should usually stay fixed depending on needs and budget of the Willemstan government. The collection will either go towards a cause determined, and decided upon by the elitist group who is hgh ranking, otherwise known as the elitist committee. Otherwise it will go to the financial managers, to be invested until it earns a certain percentage of profit, or is removed by elitist decision, verifiable emergency, or for storage, allowed by the selected committee of elitists. The money will most likely be stored with other Willemstan resources in the Ballsack Barracks, or if it can be done, will be transferred to an online or otherwise digital means of storage. Once it has reached its profit from investment, it will stay further invested, or removed for storage, based on decisions of the elitist committee. If the time has arisen, it will be removed for wage payment of applicable government members, which would depend on many factors. The elitists will settle amongst themselves the parameters deciding the above factors. Tax collection can be avoided with a verifiable reason agreed upon or worked out in other means which will be decided upon the elitists, or a verifiable mass, with the official attempting to avoid tax payment. Those who attempt to exploit the tax/funding systems by not paying and do not have a worthy cause as discussed above, will be persisted by the government who may enforce the collection of additional criminal compensation fees, or by a standard prosecution process. If the tax minimum is not payed, demotion may result. This is an important issue because Willemstan needs to be a self-supporting nation. Talk to Alexander Sile with disputes on this important subject. Tax collection will be held within 1 week after the election season to cover dictator instatement expenses.

Temporary Dictatorial Leadership

In a period before dictators are elected or while the elected official’s power is withheld for verifiable reasons, publicly released or not, the power will be passed on to the following officials. The General shall become dictator, until the predefined electoral committee has met and decided on the temporary holder of power. The electoral committee includes 3 or less elitist committee members. Their selected official must not be in the process of prosecution when chosen, and may not be unranked. The chosen official must fall into the elitist or verifiable ranking groups. If there is no electoral committee, the Willemstan founders shall become temporary dictators. The temporary chosen official is still addressed by the same rank and only inherits the overriding power and law suggesting power of the Dictator, and the rest of the Dictator’s powers are held by the elitist committee. All dictatorial rulings and temporary dictators can be overridden in a such period at any time by the electoral committee. Officials serving as temporary dictator cannot be demoted by even the elitist committee as long as they are serving for temporary dictator.

Eli’s new rules: During an election, power is transferred to the General, while campaign and election take place. If the dictator loses power but the administration is left intact, the Vice Dictator can hold all dictatorial power until the dictator is reinstated or there is an election.

Candidate Requirements

Be a registered member of Willemstan

Government-Common Assets

Governmental members must obtain permission from higher ranking officials before using Willemstan shared online accounts and credit cards, etc. It is highly recommended to sign up supersillyspam@gmail.com up for any websites you can think of as long as the password for the websites is either “kewlree1” or “kewlree1!Q”. Any official or important contact must be carried out by willemstan.gov@gmail.com. Our phone number for Willemstan is primarily (954) 715-5357. As of September 19th 2018, that number is probably disconnected. We do also have other numbers for other uses. If you need a remote or untraceable way to contact someone, or want to contact them from Willemstan, talk to Alexander Sile and he may be able to help. To contact the dictator, email willemstan.dictator@gmail.com, MostEqual on discord.

Cryptocurrency mining: To generate revenue for Willemstan with crypto mining, download Minergate on your personal computer, and when prompted to enter an email address, enter “Willemstan.gov@gmail.com”. Then, from the main tab, press “Start smart mining.” This will mine crypto currency with only unused processing power, without inhibiting your PC’s performance.

Keywords and Phrases

Verifiable: accepted, initiated, and / or negotiated by the official Willemstan governmental body and some superiors, seen eligible within law.

Elitist Group / Committee

Senior strategists, governors, and aristocrats who wish to politically interfere, and some informants which will be decided by the pre-existing elitist committee.

Willemstan Industrial Union

This is a marketing and design board managed by the Willemstan government that regulates commercial products (domestic and imports) and also operates as a marketing/holding corporation with domestic products and exports of their choosing. You can contact them at 517-418-6369 or supersillyspam@gmail.com. The contact information is subject to change. This board also handles production of products and occasionally budgeting of taxes. They are responsible for products such as Flex Tape Propaganda, and Comrades’ Choice.

Willemstan File Service: A free file sharing service, that can be used over discord or independently. This supports password protection of documents. To use the server portion you need a Personal Identification Service Signin account. Files can be regulated by the WIU, added and removed at any time, for any reason deemed applicable. The server is maintained by the WIU, at the Ballsack Barracks, and will occasionally be offline. The Internet WFS requires a stable internet connection, Willemstan Citizency, and Discord login credentials.

System IV: A public file sharing server for use by citizens of Willemstan. The folder can be accessed through the WHS network, in this file path: ‘\\BEEPBOOP1\\SYS4’. Log in with username of ‘FTP’ and password of ‘SUSJOJ’. Eventually, this file sharing server will be open outside of the school network.

Willemstan’s Wish List