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This article was last updated on: November 1st of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

The new Vapebusters propaganda image, made on October 16th of 2021.

"I don't like smoking I don't like vaping because it hinders education big time and-"

- Mr. Freeman in an interview on vaping in Williamston High School, May 2019.


"Vapebusters" is a parody of Ghostbusters created by Charlie Nolan and Ian Hampton. In addition to being a parody of the lyrics, Vapebusters also includes content from an interview of Mr. Freeman conducted by MSU journalists. The parody made its debut in October of 2020 and became one of the most popular Silly Goose videos in Willemstan. However, quality of the video wasn't too great. As a result, in October of 2021, Ian released a remastered version of Vapebusters. Naturally, both versions reference the Mike Freeman with a Gun Image.



The idea for Vapebusters was first realized on September 24th of 2020, when Ian randomly thought of the idea and mentioned it to Charlie in the System IV Group Chat. On the evening of October 17th 2020, Charlie and Ian finally got around to producing the parody. They created a folder on System IV in order to easily share files with each other. Charlie was mainly in charge of audio production, while Ian created the visuals, including a logo for Vapebusters. However, Ian had to use Windows Movie Maker in order to do this, which crippled the audio and video quality. The video was completed in the early hours of October 18th of 2020.

Later Events

The same day, Charlie texted Vapebusters to Mr. Freeman anonymously, but never received a reply. During the March Incident almost five months later, the video was one of the many Silly Goose casualties. It was set to private, and was not made unlisted until the release of Comrades' Choice Unlimited Edition. Before that, it was uploaded to #propaganda on June 10th of 2021, so that members of Willemstan could still view the masterpiece. The directory used in System IV to create Vapebusters was deleted sometime in 2020, which caused a loss of much of the original project files. Everything had to be gathered up from scratch for the remastered version.

The Vapebusters Logo.

Vapebusters: Remastered


Throughout October 2021, Ian hinted at making a remastered version of Vapebusters. One with better text to speech and audio quality. He initially planned to produce it in time for the one year anniversary of Vapebusters, but was delayed. On October 16th 2021, he made a new Vapebusters propaganda image, intended for use in the project. On October 30th of 2021, Ian finally had enough time to make the remastered project. The lyrics were changed slightly, but the main change was an upgraded text to speech. In the original video, the dubbing wasn't fully completed due to laziness and the inefficiency of the whole process, but this time around the time was taken to properly dub all segments of the video. Since Windows Movie Maker was not used to produce the remastered version, the audio quality was significant better. New images were also added to the video, including the new Vapebusters propaganda and a picture of Mr. Freeman's vape stash.


1. Spartan Newsroom - Williamston High School fights the vaping epidemic 2. Spartan Newsroom - Local schools see vaping epidemic, confiscation increases of e-cigarettes and vaping devices