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Flex Tape Propaganda

Dictatorship: None
Date Uploaded: March 12th of 2018
Platform: Silly Goose YouTube Channel
Video Description:

Original Description: "school project, a joke, i should never upload youtube videos, *SLAP*

Send junk to my house: 621 Irving Street, Williamston MI 48895

Sign me up for spam: supersillyspam@gmail.com"

This video was a school project when I was in 8th grade (Spring 2018) to create a convincing advertisement. We took the option of creating a video. It was the first upload on this YouTube channel and definitely one of the more higher-effort videos of the whole channel. I made it with Windows Movie Maker 2012. This was a super fun video to film.

Current Status: Publicly Viewable on Silly Goose
Previous: None
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This was the first Silly Goose upload ever. Flex Tape Propaganda was a school project created by Charlie Nolan, Eli Payton, and many others in the second semester of 8th grade.


This video peaked in popularity during 2018 and early 2019. However, after the production of a sequel fell apart, the Flex Tape Propaganda Franchise was abandoned.