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Upgrades to the SuS server

Dictatorship: Annie Payton I
Date Uploaded: November 10th of 2019
Platform: YouTube - Silly Goose
Video Description:

Update: This is the computer hosting the livestream and the System IV file service, at the school

The school IT men:

Stole our WiFi router

Made an email with fake excuses after the fact

Took our cabinet keys

Tore 2 Ethernet cables

Broke an Ethernet jack on one of our computers

Note: all of the computers, and the router were our personal equipment, that we brought to the school with permission from the school. We had permission to use it, and it was not school property, so they had no rightful excuse to take it or treat it poorly.

Faults with their email:

It claims they had to “disconnect and power off a wireless router” and does not mention the fact that they took it, unplugged all of our computers

It claims that they “happened to be passing by”... then how would they know where the router was, and why would they interfere with every other computer as well

The email makes no mention of the fact that they took our keys

The email claims that the router interferes with school servers.. BS: school servers are in a different building and use hard-wired Ethernet, and the router we used had the antennas disconnected. We were only using it as an Ethernet switch

I’m going to take their shit to Delp, after collecting more evidence (I had some security and logging set up). Or I’ll straight up key their cars.

This rant needed to go somewhere and I’d rather it’s in the internet then written in a paper somewhere in the school

Current Status: Private due to March Incident
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After the First IT Men Raid on the Robotics Room, Charlie Nolan was tasked with repairing several computers the IT Men had damaged. With the System IV server, Charlie added additional security measures to keep Willemstan data safe should the IT Men attempt to seize or damage the computer again. The email referenced in this video was an email sent by the IT Men to Cody and Dr. Delp about the situation.


The router belonged to Sean Kavanagh, it was never returned to him. Charlie's plan to collect more evidence against the IT Men and "take their shit to Delp" never ended up happening because the IT Men did not make another return to the robotics room until April of 2020.

In retrospect, while the damaging of robotics computers was not warranted, they IT Men did have every right to confiscate the router because it probably was impacting school internet coverage. How exactly they narrowed down the router to the robotics room is unknown, but the reason for their raid was to shut off the router and crypto-mining activities they noticed.

Charlie's upgrades to System IV ended up paying off big time during 2020. When the robotics room was getting new computers and software over, the IT Men wiped every single computer present, except for the System IV server, which they were unable to access. If they had been able to access the server and wipe it, System IV, SuS, the other Discord bots, and the remnants of the Willemstan File Service would have been lost. After sitting in the school MIA for months, the server was retrieved during the 2020 Rescue Operation.