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Ian's Goose is running for Dictator for Willemstan's Winter of 2019 Elections

Dictatorship: Annie Payton I
Date Uploaded: December 9th of 2019
Platform: YouTube - Silly Goose
Video Description:

I hope you like this extremely low quality campaign ad made in movie maker. Future ones will be better, I promise. (probably not)

Campaign Promises:

- Make Willemstan more of a dictatorship like it used to be, instead of having a puppet dictator and a few admins.

- Increase funds through forced labor. Comrades choice and taxes just aren't doing it anymore, so now we're going to new extremes. We'll probably implement a salt mines in Willemstan as well.

- More details coming soon.

- There's a good chance Sean is going to steal all of my ideas if he announces a run, so don't vote for Sean. You can't trust someone who smokes scantrons smh.

Also, please join the robotics team. We need more members. (I hope your satisfied Charlie, did I do a good job on the description?)

Current Status: Publicly Viewable
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Ian Hampton announces his first run for Dictator through his Goose. This made him the second candidate for the Winter 2019 Election.


Lucy the Goose was the second and last animal to run for Dictator. Prior to announcing his run, Sean Kavanagh told Ian that he planned to steal all of his policies. In response, Ian came up with the "Vote for Goose and Not for Sean" slogan and pushed it frequently that election.