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Final Project for Spanish III

Dictatorship: Sean Kavanagh I
Date Uploaded: January 12th of 2020
Platform: YouTube - Silly Goose
Video Description:

Classmates enjoyed the project and we got a 94%.

Current Status: Publicly Viewable
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The Final Project for Spanish III (known as Ok2Say Propaganda by members of Willemstan) was, as the name suggests, created as a final project for class. Project members were Charlie Nolan, Ian Hampton, Sean Kavanagh, and Camden Hartman.


Main article: Ok2Say Propaganda Franchise

Ok2Say Propaganda was the first school project to show the Willemstan logo. Jokes about Mr. Freeman were a cornerstone of the project. Charlie's character "Señor Free-man" was a direct likeness of him, the Mike Freeman with a Gun Image was present in the project, and the scene where Señor Free-man jumps out of the bathroom stall to confront Camden and Ian was directly inspired by rumors about Mr. Freeman.