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Willemstan: Civil War (kind of a joke but kind of serious)

Dictatorship: Eli Payton II
Date Uploaded: June 17th of 2020
Platform: YouTube - Silly Goose
Video Description:

Glory to Willemstan!

Current Status: Private
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A few hours after the coup took place, Charlie released this video. It showed his reaction to the events of the coup mere hours after it occurred, including his attempts to take back the server with an older version of SuS. It provided some background information on Willemstan because the video was released publicly on YouTube.


The title of this video was an inspiration for the Willemstan Civil War event. Charlie described the video as the "first official broadcast of WENIS", an acronym that was made in the early days of Willemstan but never actually used until now. It would later be used for the Willemstan TV program.