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Silly School for Cosmic Children (Video)

Dictatorship: None
Date Uploaded: May 29th of 2018
Platform: YouTube
Video Description:

Me and my names with poetic consonance.

Also, this was part of a school project in a slack-off class in January of 2017. I made this with my iPod 6th gen, before I had a phone and also used only iMovie.

If you want to join the google classroom, email me with the subject as "Silly School For Cosmic Children". If you remember this, PLEZ LICK AND SUSCBRIBE

Description Update: it is now November of 2020. The Google Classroom has been dead for about 2 years. Willemstan exists. The Willemstan Discord Server is a way of centralized communication.

Current Status: Publicly Viewable on Silly Goose
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Originally a video presentation for a school project back in January 2017, this video would eventually become the cornerstone of early Willemstan. It was uploaded to Silly Goose over a year after its original creation. The project was made by Charlie Nolan, Josue Mejia, and many other Original Members of Willemstan.


Main article: Prehistory of Willemstan

The Silly School for Cosmic Children (Google Classroom) was named after this project.