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The Krug

Dictatorship: Eli Payton II
Date Uploaded: September 28th of 2020
Platform: YouTube and Discord
Video Description:

High-res upload

Current Status: Private due to March Incident. Lower quality version circulating on Discord.
Previous: Willemstan: "Civil War" (kind of a joke but kind of serious)
Next: Vapebusters


This video is an edited version of the introduction video made by Ben Kruger earlier in the school year. It also feels clips from Ben Kruger in class that Charlie recorded. This video was uploaded to both the Silly Goose YouTube Channel and Willemstan Discord Server on the same day.


Main article: Willemstan POIs

This video is one of the most impactful videos in Willemstan history to date. Ben Kruger's monologue quickly became a copypasta in Willemstan. Since the release of this video, a countless number of citizens have integrated "eck" into their vocabulary, and many have become somewhat obsessed with details surrounding Ben Kruger's life. This video was a casualty of the March Incident.

Every day, we stray further from God.