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Sean Kavanagh is Dictator [4K]

Dictatorship: Eli Payton II
Date Uploaded: January 1st of 2021
Platform: YouTube - Silly Goose
Video Description:


I don't know what caused the glitches near the end of the video. Sorry

Current Status: Removed from YouTube for violating TOS.
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This was a shitpost made by Charlie Nolan that announced Sean Kavanagh's victory in the Winter 2020 Election. After being taken down on YouTube, the video was spread through the Willemstan Discord Server and Willemstan Wiki.


Unfortunately, YouTube took this video down quickly for "cyberbullying and harassment". Charlie sent in an appeal, but it was denied. Our best guess is that the video was taken down because it showed pictures of executions and other violent imagery, and YouTube just ignored the satiric nature of the video.