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Willemstan Weekly #1 - January 22nd 2022

Dictatorship: Izzy Beckhorn & Alexandra Badra I
Date Uploaded: January 22nd of 2022
Platform: YouTube - Silly Goose
Video Description:

Produced by Group A. Guest starring Ian & Kendal. Glory to Willemstan!

Current Status: Unlisted
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In early 2022, Ian Hampton attempted to start a new series of Willemstan propaganda videos. A parody of Williamston Weekly (the WCS morning announcement videos), Willemstan Weekly was intended to be a reoccurring series. Similar to the structure of the Williamston Weekly, there were three designated groups for the Willemstan Weekly videos, in order to create a rotating schedule. However, after the first group experienced much difficulty and delays, and the second group produced nothing at all, the Willemstan Weekly series was dead in the water. The first episode would be the only one produced, which was only made possible after Ian and Kendal stepped in to make a skit for the episode.


Willemstan Weekly #1 reported on several recent events at the time, mostly The Revolution movement spearheaded by Collin Key. The skit was a joke based of the recent election controversy over the Winter 2021 Election.